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How to help eyes to have a rest? Exercises for eyes.

Such question quite often arise at office employees, needlewomen and all those who strain eyes during working hours long enough. A number of simple exercises which will take no more than 15 minutes a day will help to take off fatigue of eyes.

Exercise for eyes No. 1. Our eyes so were tired because they did not blink . We do not notice

, but, nevertheless, sitting in front of the computer, or being engaged in the laborious business which is taking away a lot of attention we blink less often. During blinking from eyes stress is removed that helps to take off fatigue quicker. Periodically distract from the performed task and it is frequent - often blink. It is the best of all to carry out it exercises, having closed eyes palms.

Exercise for eyes No. 2. Not where it would seem . our ears collect by

in themselves the mass of the nervous terminations and sensitive points. So, for example, easy massaging of lobes of ears takes off fatigue of an eye. Exercise needs to be carried out blindly.

Exercise for eyes No. 3. Close, far . Approach

a window or if you on the street - choose to yourself for exercise a subject which is far from you. Focus a view at first of a tip of the nose, and then through some time translate a view of the subject chosen in the distance. This exercise is especially useful for those who often sit at a desktop and spend at the computer much time.

Exercise for eyes No. 4. Up, down, to the right, to the left . the head has to be not mobile

At this exercise. Close eyes palms, but at the same time eyes leave open. Palms have to be closed so that light did not get on eyes. Translate a look at first upward and detain eyes in such situation, then translate down and too detain in such situation for several seconds. Then do the same to the left and to the right. It is necessary to repeat exercise 3 - 4 times.

Exercise for eyes No. 5. Games in a blind-man`s-buff .

Several times in a row strongly narrow eyes, and then just close eyes and sit so about a minute. It will take off fatigue of eyes.

Exercise for eyes No. 6. Tracking Method . Take

in a hand a pencil or the handle and take away it on distance of an outstretched arm at the level of eyes. Focus a look on a tip of the handle or a pencil and slowly you take away it to the right, to the left. At the same time you watch it, without turning the head.

Exercise for eyes No. 7. Pendulum . the Head you hold

directly. Translate a look at first as much as possible to the left, then as much as possible to the right as if you monitor movement of a pendulum. Repeat exercise for some time. Do not strain strongly an eye as soon as you feel tension, blink many times and sit blindly about a minute.

Exercise for eyes No. 8. Eight or infinity . Present to

before yourself the horizontal eight (infinity sign). Outline the eight a look at first in one party, and then in another. After exercise remove stress, having often blinked.

Exercise for eyes No. 9. After hands . Present to

before yourself the dial of hours. Begin to outline it a look from 12 o`clock and clockwise, then do the same against the movement of hands. At the same time position of the head has to be constant.

Exercise No. 10. Figures the closed eyes .

Close eyes. Present before yourself serially at first a circle, then an infinity sign and a cross. Outline them a look at first in one direction, then in another. After exercise often blink.

Besides exercises an unconditional factor of restoration of visual acuity is care of eyes physical. For this purpose it is necessary to watch quality of cosmetics which you use quality " glasses; Your points (and also materials which you rub points), a state of environment (availability of bright paints in an interior, the level of contrast and brightness of paints on the monitor of your computer, existence of a cigarette smoke, and also level of dust content of the room and level of humidity).

Besides exercises of the house, after work it is possible to flirt for with own eyes by means of old good traditional advice:

- moisten a towel with cool water or wrap up ice pieces a gauze and apply for a while on skin under eyes. It will help to prevent emergence of bags under eyes the next morning;

- cut a cucumber circles and apply on one on eyes, it is also possible to wipe eyelids and skin under eyes cucumber juice;

- small compresses with use of weak tea or camomile infusion will help to take off fatigue from eyes in the evening;

- prepare sage infusion (1 tablespoon on 100 ml (half a glass) of boiled water). Serially impose the wadded tampons moistened with a warm spirit and the wadded tampons moistened with cold water.