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How to bring round the drunk person?

In life happen everyone. And feasts happen to plentiful alcohol intake. How to bring round the drunk person? Whether there is a real way of fast sobering up from alcohol? The simply and effective - strongly not to be torn. However we will manage joking apart.

National ways to sober up quickly a set. If you touched a little, to you will advise to drink a cup of strong coffee or tea with salt, to smell sal ammoniac, to take a cold shower, to breathe fresh air, to drink as much as possible liquid, it is desirable with sourness - apple or orange juice, a berry fruit drink, water with a freshly squeezed lemon etc. of

However there is also other opinion. Some consider that the liquid which got into a stomach, after fair alcohol intake, promotes its further absorption in blood and therefore drunk should not drink a lot of tea or mineral water.

If the dose is exceeded, then to sober up quickly not to turn out. The most certain way treatments in that case - to sleep off.

However sometimes there is a need to quickly bring round the drunk person to take away him from guests home.

For the emergency sobering up from alcohol we offer such way: in a glass of cold water we part 5 kapl liquid ammonia that it was easier to swallow of this mix, we add to it a little jam, and we force gathered to drink. If he does not drink, and falls asleep, sitting on a chair, vigorous two hands to three to it ears.

And one more essential moment. It is not necessary to sit up too long on a visit even if the owner with the hostess kindly ask you not to disperse. Most often it is just like that called good form and actually owners were already tired and it is time for them to have a rest.

Especially burdensome impression remains when immoderately the late guest costs half an hour more in a corridor and everything speaks and speaks. Popular wisdom about it says: Be not afraid of the guest sedentary, and be afraid standing . In any case, keep in mind - if the owner told: And now at parting our home-made " cocktail; first of all, it should be understood as a signal to withdrawal.

Taking an opportunity, I will provide two recipes of the cocktails having sobering effect. Such effect of drinks is explained by presence of pepper alkaloids at them in combination with some other components.

Auster No. 1 . The wide shot glass is rinsed with several drops of vegetable oil, so that on a surface of glass there was a thin oil film. Let out one crude egg yolk in a shot glass, add 10 - 20 drops of gin (it is possible to replace with hunting bitters, with its spiciness and aroma) and strew with ground black and red pepper. Both pepper incorporate various alkaloids, each of which in own way affects nervous system of the person. Drink cocktail, certainly, one drink.

Auster No. 2. the Wide shot glass is covered with a thin film of oil (see above). Then transfer two teaspoons of spicy ketchup, there one crude egg yolk to it, strew with ground black and red pepper, I will merge, add 10 drops of pepper brandy or hunting bitter and 2 - 3 drops of lemon juice. Drink also one drink.

By the way if it is moderate to salt this structure and not especially to pepper and add 10 more gr. cognac to turn out the sharp mix which is strongly stimulating appetite. Too it is useful to note it.

Agree that to drink any of these sobering cocktails much more pleasantly, than sal ammoniac tincture and that to bring strongly drunk person round nevertheless rather difficult.