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As having refused from freebies to increase the prosperity.

O than will go the speech in this article?

About energy. About money yes there is a lot of about what. Including about a freebie, as the main enemy of money and prosperity.

Favourite is a subject in general - the FREEBIE! And here it would seem and that here bad? Everyone wants to buy cheaper, and to sell more expensively, and to find on the road, something ownerless, so in general is accepted to happiness and good luck! And here all here and nothing would be if not one BUT!

But about it a bit later.

It is much told that everything surrounding us is an energy. A stone - energy, a tree - energy, light - energy, the earth, at home, cars - all this energy. All matter in the Universe consists of energy, only the frequency of vibrations of this energy is reduced to such an extent that it seems to us motionless.

But I distracted again, very much it is interesting to tell all this. What practical value is born by all this information?

She allows to understand mechanisms of interaction of all types of energiya, from bearing - material and to the most sublime which energy each cage and each molecule in the Universe - energy of Love is impregnated.

So and what is money? From them all our material welfare, consists of their equivalent. Twist do not twist, and money it is energy too and that other. Paper signs in itself, say, on the notorious desert island can fit only for a fire kindling, but what power they get in the company of other people. And so money is an energy of an exchange of a material component among people. What is felt by the person who has not enough money? He literally chokes with the fact that it lacks energy, opportunities, food, high-quality rest. It is forced to spend more physical, corporal energy to earn more energy monetary, and so around, indefinitely.

What further? And further all known law of energy conservation!

Energy does not appear from anywhere and does not disappear completely anywhere. It is only transformed from one form to another by means of transition processes.

Here also it turns out to receive pie, it is necessary to pay for it money. And to receive money it is necessary to work, spend physical energy, or mental, for people who work the head. And to work, it is necessary to eat at first and to eat, it is necessary to have pie. Here to you and circulation. Here to you and transition of energiya.

And now we will return to our favourite FREEBIE. All of us love the FREEBIE! Because this obtaining energy from out of, without expenses of the. Pie lies, took and ate, received energy, and in exchange did not give the. Also it seems that deceived the nature and invented the perpetual motion machine. And not here - that was! Laws that the Universe are firm and if to break human laws, it is enough or to have ksiva of the high official, or to share the monetary energy with the controlling person, then it will be possible to bribe God to hardly anyone. And there is nothing. What does the person what God does not have have? And therefore, accepting the FREEBIE under any kind, we only deceive ourselves. It is not free, it is the credit, and on it it is necessary to pay, always and with big percent.

When I understood it, was already late. I gathered so much FREEBIE that I think I should pay off still long, and there was it generally at knowledge acquisition. Unfortunately. Or to the benefit, as the best way to study, it to analyze the mistakes. Not I told It. This is Robin Sharma.

And so, on the Internet huge deposits of literature are laid out free of charge. And business here not in award. And that receiving, something it is necessary that that to give. And what it is possible to give instead of free literature? Difficult question. I after all could send to some authors the sums of money which as I counted, compensated the knowledge of the certain course which is thought up by me received by me. But with many I and remained not calculated.

But it is not it. Business just in another. My purpose was by means of this knowledge to receive abundance and prosperity in the life, and receiving free of charge, I thought of categories of poverty and lack of the desired purposes. Thus, striving for prosperity and pushing away prosperity the actions at the same time.

And perhaps I long still so would suffer, did not realize yet that any freebie, selects from my life several times more than gives. As it occurs? Let`s tell, you received something free on the estimated cost of 100 rubles. That is energy - that for 100 rubles all of you equally received! And the payment for it was not brought. The law works instantly. Your cash flow, or prosperity stream, call somehow, decreases as you become a defaulter. Credibility in Bank of the FREEBIE to you falls, and money begins to come to your life less. It causes still big love to the FREEBIE, and so around. Until, until you appear at critical line. And then you begin to repay the loan the emotions, experiences and diseases, and to this banker all the same than to take, it all energy, only percent grow every day. But it is already too gloomy, many do not reach before, fortunately. It is only the example which is set by the mechanism as love to free harms your prosperity.

Besides, remember, what do you think of the thing received free of charge? It pleases you? Practically always it is useless and not necessary. (I do not speak about gifts from dear and close people they have absolutely other value and power).

Too most and the knowledge gained free of charge. 80 - 90% of information obtained free of charge do not bring you any result. Otherwise how to explain that many people, have the library of useful literature downloaded from the Internet read it all from cover to cover, and do not move a little in the development and the solution of the problems? For years!

From there is conclusion: acceptance of the FREEBIE, aspiration and love to the FREEBIE, this thinking of the poor person and if in your purposes, does not enter to become the poor or to remain in poverty, you leave from free thinking. You remember, it is necessary to pay for everything. It is a thoughtway of rich people!

But rich people would not be the rich if did not look for where to buy cheaper, and to sell more expensively! It does not contradict Laws at all, and on the contrary is supported by them. Here wisdom just is also covered! You have the right to bargain with the supplier of monetary energy, with the seller, with the author of books and to expose your value to acquisition. The price at the seller can be overstated! It is also a thoughtway of rich people. To quote the price corresponding to value of it for you. That is, you are always ready to pay for acquisition, but it is exactly so much how many it means to you! In it there is also an acceptance of responsibility on itself for the choice!

Now I want to ask you: You understood something?

I expect a flow of comments with the words nonsense and their analogs))))

Ya and I hear puzzled exclamations: Here turned! And that in practice - that! Not to swing from the book Internet? Not to use free mailings?

Is not present at all! Use! On that they also exist! And let they will be useful to you! But find for yourself a way, in - the first, it is simple to thank the author in couple of kind words, or the opinion and if you downloaded the book free of charge from the Internet, then write to the author the letter and ask to what account it is possible to send a certain sum of money on account of compensation for the gained knowledge. And this sum not necessarily has to be large. The author receives for each sold copy of the live book no more than 20% of its cost in shop. It is energy return, and in - the second if contact with the author is impossible, find a way part of cash to give where - or. Be it a certain fund, the charitable help, thereby you continue circulation of energiya, do not break off a chain. And whenever possible impart the gained knowledge to other people, it is circulation of energiya too. And through this circulation the author will receive money, but it is possible from other sources and absolutely inexplicably. It is checked! It works!

And one more moment concerning authors of free mailings. Most often they offer also paid products, and actually for advance of these paid courses and free programs are created. You did not know it? Think of it! I advise you if you were interested in their free materials to take advantage of the offer and to receive material for money. This step you will get several positive moments at once:

1. For certain this course will contain much more valuable information for you, than all free.

2. It will allow you to extinguish debt connected with obtaining free information and by that not to sit down on the credit of free bank,

3. To pump over itself, using recommendations of the person who caused in you interest.

4. To satisfy law " conditions; circulation of energiya and respectively to increase the material prosperity.

Hold the monetary capacity slightly blank that more monetary energy in the form of the crackling notes could come to it!

On it lecture about harm of the FREEBIE is complete.

I thank for attention!