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What games play Cleopatra?

existed also other queens with such name, but Cleopatra - only one. The last from Pharaohs. The first of ladies - politicians. Diplomat. Polyglot. Mathematician. The beauty and a monster in one person.

It had everything that wanted, - love, the power, wealth, prestige. Because knew cunning: it is easier to reach the purpose if it to deceive . To concentrate internally on the necessary result, and to behave externally it is weakened. Like, not seriously I act, and effortlessly! Such is the " method; paradoxical intention . By means of game Cleopatra could achieve much.

1. Intellectual games.

not to neglect the life, it is necessary to build possible events in the head all the time, to think out intrigues, to pronounce dialogues, to count steps.

Cleopatra`s Way to a throne which got to the young tsarevna in 18 years, - the intricate chain of the difficult courses which is precisely thought over in advance. Its way to love, to conception of the first son Tsezarion - too a fruit of intellectual games. By dynastic rules of family Lagidov, Cleopatra had to become the wife of own younger brother. Also became, but it is formal. And actually found to itself the best man from all that were available. Caesar. Cleopatra thought up the plan as to win it. How to make the way on a meeting with it, passing cordons of foes. As instantly to seduce it. And here it for the first time appeared before Caesar, having come up from a rags bale which servants brought and threw to his legs. It was both the way of masking, and an unusual joke. The richest, most notable queen suddenly was from stuff and ashes. With sense of humour the spoiled emperor had no women yet, and he did not resist.

2. Love games. in

to hold the real man, it is necessary to surprise and interest him every day. Caesar`s

, very experienced in sex, it was impossible to tie to one skirt for a long time. And Cleopatra was not in the flower of beauty. Her portrait: deeply put eyes, an aquiline nose - the beak which is sticking out a chin. Of course, Cleopatra as any east woman, knew the mass of erotic tricks, but not they were the main magnet. Every morning she woke up joyful, is skillful to make laugh Caesar as nobody else. And to intrigue. When Caesar was necessary in Rome, the Egyptian carried away it in joint travel across Nile. How? She asked to it riddles on which there was no answer. Where there are sources of the great river and in what " mechanism; its high waters? And Caesar got again.

3. Matrimonial games. needs to be able not to be substituted

In marriage under scandal and always to have sweet " gingerbread; to distract darling.

to Cleopatra managed to marry Antonija. And it at the living Roman wife, worthy and beautiful Octavia. Meanwhile the commander became despondent, was violent. When he was angry, Cleopatra disappeared from his eyes that instantly brought him round. And then it came back with some new means giving pleasure - rare wine, idea of a grandiose holiday. And Anthony until the end of life remained with Cleopatra.

4. Games with destiny. be not afraid to tempt with

her. The queen of Egypt considered it very useful. Such tactics gave the highest pleasure - to take everything that offers this instant. When Anthony called

Cleopatra on the first, so strongly necessary I will meet by it, it several times postponed a rendezvous, risking that that will wave on it a hand at all. But at this time Cleopatra secretly erected the grandiose ship - a surprise. The huge vessel from precious wood under scarlet sails exhaling a fantastic fragrance came to Anthony in twilight under sounds of the most delicate music. When Anthony recovered from a shock, twilight was condensed, and by the ship grandiose illumination was lit. At the commander intercepted breath again, and he even before negotiations understood which of them two - main and great.

5. Games in inimitable . Always should seeking to be

on anybody not similar and to invent life events.

the Egyptian enticed Mark Anthony to herself into Alexandria just when the sea was closed for navigation. Anthony could not return to Rome. Here - that Klyopa also arranged it winter vacation. She created a circle from 12 close friends - Society of an inimitable way of life . These people tried to make every day such that nobody could repeat it. Every morning and for all day Cleopatra thought out pleasures - the real theater of pleasures with hourly updated repertoire. The fascinated Anthony gradually forgot the Octavia.

6. Flirtations with death. Fear of death poisons with

our days. Not to be afraid of death, it is necessary to study, include thoroughly it it a character in a vital performance. it became clear to

Once that Cleopatra and Anthony are doomed. But they still had time until cruel Octavian came with the army to Alexandria. Then the queen dismissed the circle inimitable also based Society in common striving for death . Again from 12 members. The purpose - to tame death, to cherish it as domestic small animal, every day to feed from a hand with the thoughts . Cleopatra arranged holidays in crypts, prepared corpses and embalmed them, own hands taking out from interior bodies. She studied on the poisons sentenced action. She thought over the scenario of the leaving from a scene to details and chose for suicide the most exotic way - a sting of a viper whom the faithful servant brought in a fig. Octavian could not spend with a shame the proud queen in chains on streets of Alexandria.