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Technology of Telephone Fight or how to make an appointment on phone?

Hello! There passed exactly 24 hours, and I sit in front of the old monitor again, the keyboard felt weight of my fingers, and in the head thoughts zastruitsya. More than a year ago to me the seminar of one of leaders of the network company " fell into hands; Intway . Still then I summarized rather interesting subject which I use still in communication with people. I rummaged in archives, found several records and sat down I will create with what I to write

O? In the beginning I would like to talk about how it is important to be able to conduct negotiations and what it influences. I include this subject in a small cycle of articles which I will keep - Negotiating Methods . Today I will touch upon a subject purpose of a meeting on phone that is the first step to successful communication. The name of a subject from the primary source Technology of telephone fight or it is short TTB . Well, I am ready! And you? Well, then went As it is important to

to be able to hold negotiations correctly? Children, it is VERY IMPORTANT! As you communicate - in a root influences how the interlocutor treats you, and also result of conversation. Understanding the principles (unwritten laws) of negotiating, you in forces to give emotional coloring to conversation, to establish time frames and the further course of events. That as you prove to be in conversation, will add your portrait in the opinion of your interlocutor. At times, having begun conversation with the person, we at once see it in other light in the best or in the worst, only thanks to communication.

Present that we should communicate with the serious businessman, we put on the suit, a blue shirt polished to gloss of a shoe a favourite tie, other important accessories and we go to a meeting. We come for 15 minutes earlier to the agreed place as the meeting is rather important for you, we get acquainted with the place of negotiations that it is more comfortable to feel at conversation, we leave behind a little table two chairs, therefore, that they would not be opposite to each other and we wait. In agreed time, decently dressed man enters into cafe. On a wrist a gold watch of Rolex gleams, on the sticking-out thread from a jacket sleeve you guess that it from Dolce & Gabbana, knock of a heel will not mislead you - it is Marina De Golle. Heart began to knock tens times stronger, having accepted a dose of adrenaline, hands clenched in a fist, in attempt to constrain itself, the fast, fulfilled greeting, an unclear grin on a face at the interlocutor - the meeting began.

Results of negotiations can be any. And if to glance a little earlier, at that moment when the guy made an appointment to this serious gentleman - it is possible not to doubt that conversation by phone took place approximately in such course as well as a meeting. Without excluding that everything in our life is real, I nevertheless will stop that the guy needs sensible councils of :)

I am sure that techniques which I will give below will be able to help this guy, you and personally me with the future negotiations. Using at least small part from offered the technician, you will feel much more surely, you will sit more firmly in a chair and to derive pleasure from communication process. Yes, I want to tell also, this technique with success was used by me in seduction and a seducing of women, it seems to me that if to approach with a kreativchik, then its use can be applied in various areas of human life.

Technology of Telephone Fight or how to make an appointment on phone?

of Axiom TTB:

1. Phone is intended for purpose of a meeting! The call lasts no more than 2 - 3 minutes!!!

2. The TTB equipment is under construction on questions!!!

3. We have to love the word Is not present !!!

4. We do not persuade at all and we do not deceive!!!

5. We have to realize to whom we call!!!

Point 1. Greeting. the magic word " Is very important when on that a storoneprovoda someone took the call, to tell

; Hello .

Point 2. To be presented.

it is important to b to tell the name as this rule of a good form. Business people are always represented each other in spite of the fact that know each other not one year. If it is done by them, then why not to do it to all by the rest?! And then, the person can not manage to look at phone screen (bluetooth). Yours To Otgadatya who! will enter the person into an awkward state.

Present yourself from a " position; Hello it it in a root changes the attitude of the opponent towards you on other end of a wire. The position is also effective, but at the same time attaches less official significance. MAKING LIOUBA ZVONOK OBYAZATELNO PREDSTAVTES - take it for the rule!

Point 3. Border.

We make a business call, and business people love CONCRETE talk therefore it is necessary to speak shortly, on business and figures. In this point we have to designate borders of our conversation and its essence. TTB is under construction on questions therefore here it is possible to ask a question:

You have 2 - 3 minutes for serious conversation?! . That is we told these that conversation will be SHORT and SERIOUS. In this case we are interested at the person - whether he has time for conversation with you - it is gesture of courtesy in relation to the opponent. This template is universal, all can practically use it and in any situation.

I have not enough time and therefore to business at once! . In this case - there are more pressure and impudence.

What can occur here? The person can tell Yes or Is not present . If yes - we pass that to the following item. If the person speaks Is not present ?!

Let`s learn to love the word Is NOT PRESENT ! Many make a mistake - the person speaks: You know to me " not before; and you to it: Well, wait, I call on very important issue, you are necessary to me, I without you cannot - you begin to load the person. If you heard the word Is not present it is necessary to tell It`s cool! Remarkably! Great! Super! or any other word of this context. And to finish - I Will call back to you later. See you! and right there to hang up. Why it is necessary to finish the positive word Well or word similar to it? Because speaking Is not present person subconsciously pulls with you the relation, you were going to tell it something, and it refuses to you. The person has a subconscious answer, and in parallel there is sense of guilt. In order that to remove this natyazhechka, you speak: Remarkably that is you speak to the person that nothing terrible occurred, Is not present so Is not present : I will Perfectly call back to you later! See you! also you put down a reciever without any continuations of conversation.

If you call the friend or the friend and on tone understand that the person cannot speak or to it not to you at present:

You You have 2 - 3 minutes on serious conversation?

It Give Nuu! (hasty) - help it to tell Is not present

You Perfectly, I will call back later. Bye. I see to you " not before; - hung up. If you helped the person to tell Is not present he subconsciously begins to respect you for the fact that you showed respect for it.

And here you heard Yes and it means that it is passed to the following item.

Point 4. Intrigue. This example concerns

when we call absolutely adequate person.

Very often there is a following:


You: You have 2 - 3 minutes for serious conversation?!

It: Well, generally, is and about what the speech will go?

It is a question in which is hidden DA . We do not answer a question, we do not try to prompt or explain from the very beginning about what the speech will go, and we pass directly to To the Intrigue .

In this point we state to the person an essence of our offer, a question essence, we called to intrigue the person, to invite him to a meeting. The more professionally you learn to be an intrigant, the more successfully at you it will turn out.


You: I to you have a mutually beneficial offer concerning (a meeting subject)

It: And what bank we will plunder?

It is a question in which is hidden Yes - the person is ready to actions.

Very often in this point people begin to wriggle as it would be desirable to discuss the offer at a meeting - it passes is realized, or unconsciously. We keep back, conversation turns out floating then the person has a mass of questions and it becomes easier for it to refuse to you. Never deceive people and you do not wriggle. Deception - loss of the person, deterioration in the relations with contact. Never persuade anybody! When you drag the person - he makes a start when you push - he grabs you. You want to catch - release.

Why it is impossible to answer questions? There is a certain game which people play since the childhood, it takes place at the subconscious level and a name to it - Rangovy game . When you called the person and begin conversation, yours with the opponent rangovy positions absolutely identical. As soon as the person asks you a question, it automatically on one rangovy position becomes higher than you, at the same time it is unimportant, it is TTB or conversation of thetas - and - thetas at a meeting. It asked a question and as soon as you begin to answer, you fall by one step down. The following question - the person rises, you back lose one position. Answering a question, you allow to set following, at the same time lose an opportunity to operate conversation and to adhere to the purpose of a call (meeting). If the question just demands the answer, then having answered surely ask a question, it you keep the rangovy position.


It: What offer?

You: The Offer concerning (a meeting subject, in fact we repeat what was told right at the beginning). When you are able to find for me time? - we maintain a small pause if still questions do not follow, we pass to the Fork.

Will effectively conduct a separate notebook where you will write questions which to you are asked by people and to write down the answer a question on a question which next time you use. People generally ask the same questions.

Point 5. Fork (purpose of a meeting) of

Reception The Choice without the Choice .

For this purpose we need to meet when it is more convenient to you, on Tuesday in the first half of day or on Thursday in the second, at 15:00 or at 18:00?!

This reception partially excludes a possibility of the opponent to think up to itself the reason not to meet you. You focus its attention on two concrete points from which he is obliged to choose. Also, you have to consider that if you communicate with rather serious person at whom day is painted on hours, then you will get to a fork. And in general, know that successful people quite so conduct negotiations and if at you it turned out messages such person - open champagne, you achieved concrete results in this direction. We go further.

Point 6. Meeting place.

needs to designate the meeting place very accurately. If you agreed at 18:00

Without fifteen six I will wait for you to the address... (address of office, cafe ) But it is better to meet and lead all person to office because you will have 2 - 3 minutes to prepare the person to a meeting. To make promotion of the forthcoming meeting or promotion to that person who will give information.

Point 7. Fixing

Well I write down! and word for word you repeat what you before it told: Thursday 18:00, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, meeting place address . I write down! Often after this phrase of people remembers that with something it will be busy at this time. In certain cases the opponent subconsciously waits for weakening of your pressure to refuse, he, for the present, trifles to a meeting. But when you say that at it brains join, he understands that it is really about some serious conversation, you allocate for this purpose concrete time and you REALLY called it on business.

Point 8. Trap.

Please, be in time because together with me at a meeting there will be Evgeny Aleksandrovich - the famous lawyer who will bring you up to date on some questions . The person understands that you invited to a meeting one more person and if he does not come, then he will bring you, and in turn will damp the reputations. Adhering to this point, you oblige the person to treat a meeting more seriously. Depending on a situation, perhaps to manage without trap but if it is possible, for strengthening of effect, it needs to be made.

In the conclusion I want to focus once again your attention that all these equipment are successfully used by people who achieved success and it is quite probable that you will be conducted, and the opponent the leader. If it to happen be not upset, be ready to study - carry with yourself a dictophone, take with yourself a notebook and the handle, write down and rejoice - you met the teacher! :)

That`s all! On it I finish. I hope that this article will be useful to you. In the following article from the cycle Negotiating Methods I will touch upon a subject which is very close to me - Art of verbal attack + Black rhetoric according to Carsten Bredemajer.

I wish you success!

With respect for euGene.