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How to choose a water-melon of

That the fruit completely ripened, it is necessary to wait for 35 days from the moment of its zatsvetaniye. For melon growers these 35 days are also the main criterion of a maturity. Whether it is possible to accelerate process? We are frightened by baizes: say, for precocity enter ammonium nitrate into water-melons. Actually, if to puncture a fruit, he will not live also weeks (therefore, by the way, do not buy the damaged water-melon, even at low price at all). And the only thing that can be made for fast maturing - to use early seedling and a hothouse film. And arrive water-melon kings : buy the Dutch hybrids, part under a film within 20 - 30 days - and forward.

Early water-melons, as a rule, tasteless, in them there is not enough sugar. Except this lack, any danger to our stomach they do not conceal. In general water-melon poisoning is a rarity, though it cannot be excluded. Nitrates in a fruit accumulate a little, at most 20 - 30 mg. It is possible to get poisoned from - for chemicals - if not what it is necessary, and not at that time were used. But we do not know these subtleties so there is one: to properly wash up a water-melon before to cut it.

Maturity. Also we do not know, what is the time the fruit lay on a bed. Frankly speaking, even skilled melon growers cannot determine with a 100% guarantee ripeness of a water-melon by its appearance. The Japanese, American scientists wrote on this subject a set of theses, but all uselessly. But there is a set of national ways (among which, however, too many myths). Let`s lay aside such baizes as even quantity of strips on a water-melon (there are buyers who trust also it).

A dry fruit stem (a tail on a fruit top). It is really a ripeness indicator, but not always, the water-melon could be broken by green and ripen - more true, to dry up - then.

Wide arbuzikha. Arbuzikh - a trace from a flower on lower pole fruit. The wide trace is only anatomic defect of a flower, it is not connected with ripeness in any way.

Sound. It is considered that the ripe water-melon has to ring if on it to clap a palm. Actually the sound depends on that, the pulp was softened inside or not. Just the green fruit will also ring, and the ripe water-melon has to be the deaf. A crash which publishes a water-melon if to squeeze it hands - a good sign. Such goods can be bought safely. Earth spot below on one side. It is desirable that it was yellow, but not white.

And the last. The ripe water-melon can be scratched easily - having carried out on it by a nail, you without effort will skim a peel.