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Father`s love. In what advantage?

Many competent people are aware that the child still vnutriutrobno - already independent little man and it is necessary to treat him as to the person, to talk to it, to care for it, to develop it. All emotions which are experienced by the woman are experienced also by the child, he feels, feels, hears, but is not in silent darkness. If mother speaks with the child, then having been born, he reacts to her voice at once. Generally, a lot of special literature is devoted to a subject of motherhood and the importance of communication mother - the child (physical and psychological).

But The child has all - two parents. And both parents are important in his life. According to researches of a roditelstvo (in the field of psychology and interdisciplinary sciences), the motherhood is investigated more than paternity. Whether the role of future father during pregnancy has value?

So, communicating with the kid during pregnancy, both parents establish strong emotional connection with him. And by the way, at children to whom parents talk till the birth usually earlier, the speech develops. The kid, receiving response to the actions, studies dialogue, as if perestukivayas with parents, he receives caress (gentle stroking of a stomach) and hears a voice of mother and father. The kid was pushed - the father stroked a stomach of mummy and told something gentle. For example: we with mother very much love you and we wait for your emergence, you will be a healthy, strong and beautiful kid . Such relation strengthens emotional connection with the child, and emotional connection between spouses. Getting support and love of the husband, the woman becomes more balanced, sure, joyful and happy that forms feeling of happiness and force at the kid. In the pre-natal period, the child absorbs information as much as possible and it proceeds at the cellular level. Does not develop in one of the moments of the further life of people as intensively as vnutriutrobno. Therefore during pregnancy, harmony, tenderness, love and understanding has to reign in a family.

Also the man preserves mummy against weights, closeness, a nervous situation, annoying relatives / friends / neighbors, generally, provides comfortable conditions for pregnancy course.

Plus to it, the man possessing reliable information about pregnancy and childbirth will be able to discuss fears and experiences of future mummy and by that to reduce her uneasiness (the man everything is keeps a rational way to think and can clear many moments which just emotionally cause fear in the woman).

If the man and the woman together live the pregnancy period when not only mummy, but also the father communicates with the child when he cares for both of them, understands what changes happen to the woman (at the physical and psychological levels), support the woman, it not only pulls together the new tripartite alliance, gives to the child feeling of confidence, love and a zhelannost, but also forms at couple acceptance on itself parental responsibility.

Thus, the importance of a role of the father, both is obvious to development of the child, and to strengthening of the intra family relations therefore it is important that the man did not withdraw, and was always near, supported, understood and loved the woman and the child. The love and mothers and fathers is equally necessary for the kid who was not born yet.