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Study on credit

to make good money, it is necessary to get a good education. To get a good education, it is necessary to have not only the strong knowledge base, but also an opportunity to pay for quality education. Some vicious circle turns out. The educational credit gives the chance to break off it. But, before taking the credit, we will understand when also it is favorable to lump to make out it.

It is not difficult to guess that it is favorable to take the credit under small percent. Today that the rate from 12, 5% per annum is considered. It is not a lot of, especially, if to consider that analysts predict: the rate of inflation in the current year will be about 12%. Usually the bank has higher education institutions - partners with whom the lowered rate on the credit works. If you have an opportunity to take the credit on the rate minus which inflation makes 3 - 5% per annum, to borrow money under such rate too effectively.

Besides a rate pay attention to the additional commissions on the credit: for maintaining the judgment account, for money transfer in higher education institution, for issuance of credit. The commissions can be so big that at once will eat benefit from a small rate. Too it is better not to make out an insurance if the bank does not insist on it.

You have to think that it is more important for you: the small amount of monthly payments on the credit or an opportunity to pay off as soon as possible with bank. To choose both options will not leave. The more credit term, the less will be monthly payment, you will overpay a lot of money for that. If you ask for bank a delay on payment of the credit for several years, then especially you will have to every year more and more. Therefore the most optimum scheme of monthly payment - part of a principal debt plus percent.

Be kind to bring a monthly contribution for the credit without delays. Otherwise delayed the part of a debt should be repaid on higher interest rate. So the bank accustoms to pay clients in time.

Generally that the credit managed cheap, look for small percent, the small commissions and begin to pay off already during study.

The credit is unambiguously favorable if your family has a constant source of the income and confidence that at least in the next 1,5 - 2 the level of the income will not change. Owing to obvious reasons the student will hardly obtain the credit. Therefore to bank presence of solvent guarantors is important. Usually parents act as guarantors, but in this case it is necessary to weigh everything well. To understand on forces to your family the credit or not, consider how many percent from the income will leave on payment from the credits.

Optimum when payment does not exceed 30% of all income of a family. Consider if parents retire, the income of a family will significantly fall. And still. Think three times whether it is worth contacting the credit if you have an opportunity to borrow money at friends, to go to less prestigious university, to sell the car etc.

The choice of future profession, higher education institution in which you are going to study and bank in which you make out the credit - business responsible. If you contact the credit, objectively estimate whether future profession will support you, whether the money invested into education will pay off? The most demanded and grain professions are connected with programming, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and exact mechanical engineering today.

The higher education institution is better to choose prestigious, and bank the most reliable what it not burst on the eve of money transfer in higher education institution to payment of the next semester. Interrogate the acquaintances who where took the credit and what impression of bank remained.

The educational credit can be issued not only for long term - in a case with receiving the first higher education. This banking product can be received for payment of secondary professional education, the second the highest and on passing of different educational courses. Not to bring itself and bank, pay for study in parts. Separately for each academic year or a semester. And it is good if the bank accepts early return of all amount of debt without penalties and the additional commissions.

If at you with progress everything is all right, then the credit can be taken. And if you do not like to study, then in case of your assignment the bank will ahead of schedule dissolve the credit agreement and the debt will demand from you.

It is not necessary to be afraid of the credit as fire. It is a good opportunity to come to the treasured purpose. The credit will help to get a prestigious education already today, and it does not matter that should be paid more, than counted. Besides, in connection with reduction of labor market in many spheres there is actual a retraining of experts. Besides, considering paid nature of the majority of educational services and reduction of number of the budgetary places in state universities, education on credit can become in the next years a norm.