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Lacoste brand history.

of Lacoste became, perhaps, one of the most authoritative and intelligent labels in the history. And history of a brand began with the fact that in 1927 Rene Lacoste, the same famous tennis player in France as Frederik John Perry (Fred Perry) in England, held the next tournament in America, having crushed rivals the game. Renee so fighting was firm that she reminded a crocodile, before breakthrough or attack. Critics nicknamed Rene crocodile then his friend Robert George sewed on good luck of a green krokodilchik on Rene`s shirt. From this day Rene appeared on a tennis court with the logo .

In six years, namely in 1933, Rene Lacoste and Andre Gelier (the managing director of the knitted company) sign the contract on release of sports polos with a symbol of a green krokodilchik - Lacoste, for the athletes who are engaged intelligent sports: tennis, golf, yachting etc. Besides the company polos, Rene possesses idea of creation of the well-known rackets with the double handle, standard almost all tennis players of Europe use now.

In the middle of 60 - x last XX century of a shirt and a polo of Lacoste were issued worldwide, and demand was so big that Lacoste drove many competitors out of the market. Lacoste became the most recognized and authoritative brand which left in masses. To 90 - m of Lacoste made: sports suits, shirts, polo, sweaters, footwear, cardigans, etc. Considerable popularity was received by Lacoste toilet water which was issued already since the end 60 - x.

Despite great popularity of a brand on the world, Lacoste often came to the USSR as smuggling brought by seamen from swimming.

At the end of 80 - x people stood huge lines for a polo of Lacoste after which acquisition, rumpled and happy, went with a smile to ears home, pressing a treasured polo to heart.

In the middle of 90 - x situation changed, Lacoste stopped being for Russia an unusual occurrence, and goods of this brand freely could be acquired in GUM, Central Department Store, etc. Moscow mega - " shops;.

Lacoste are known by our mothers and fathers, elder brothers and sisters. The European tourists who visit Moscow now in the middle of summer almost everything leave in Lacoste polo so it is easily possible to be lost in crowd, and it is bad or it is good, judge.