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By St. Valentine`s Day: how to halve time?

One breath for two, one world for two... Lovers halve everything, so why not to divide also time which knocks on a step to their hearts?

of Titoni: new approach to traditions

Hours from Titoni 787SY - 019 and of Titoni 728SY - 019 - the best way to remind each other of itself, being in long involuntary separation or having only left in the morning again to meet in the evening.

What will be the first impression of hours of Titoni 787SY - 019 and of Titoni 728SY - 019 if you are not familiar with production of this exclusive brand yet? Refined sense of style. Elegance and solidity at the same time. Magnificent workmanship. It should be added to everything listed still reliability and high precision of the course - and you already have a complete idea of ideal hours for two loving hearts. The mechanism with autosubplant, the steel case with gilding, tsirkona on the dial and a sapphire crystal do hours of Titoni 787SY - 019 and of Titoni 728SY - 019 an ideal gift to anniversary of your joint life or acquaintance. Halve time - and let it will pass for you in happiness and pleasure!

of Anne Klein: boundless refinement

When you will open graceful packing, to your look couple of stylish and elegant watch Anne Klein 4824XSET will appear . Why couple, you ask? These hours are created for those who go many days on life nearby, supplementing each other. Look how they distinguished look in couple, comfortably having settled down on a soft pillow - agree that the feeling of repetition does not arise at all. The small size of one model supplements massiveness another, simplicity of ladies` hours slightly shades multifunctionality of model for a strong half of mankind, and gloss of the dial only increases similarity of hours, as well as shine of eyes of lovers, makes them similar at each other.

If you and your soulmate differ in traits of character, but at the same time perfectly supplement and counterbalance each other, then hours of Anne Klein 4824XSET will become ideal addition of your clothes. The elegant steel case, a thong from skin, high-quality mineral glass, a slow speed: refinement of style of your hours will be envied by everyone who will see them on your hand. They will be pertinent at work and on vacation, at the moment of pleasure from your scheduled meeting and during its painful expectation. It seems that happiness will last infinitely, and hours from Anne Klein 4824XSET will only count time that you carried out together and to do your feelings even stronger.

You look for a gift which will be able to show your feelings? Let it will be hours from Anne Klein 4824XSET - the embodiment of harmony and style, unity and complementarity of your souls and thoughts.