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What do I eat or whether it is possible to keep health?

Calcium are a part of the main mineral component of a bone tissue. Also it plays a crucial role in implementation of many physiological and biochemical processes (normal excitability of nervous system and a sokratimost of muscles, the activator of a number of enzymes and hormones, and also the most important component of fibrillation).

Magnesium reduces excitability of nervous system, normalizes activity of a muscle of heart and its blood supply. Stimulates motility of intestines and a zhelcheotdeleniye, promotes cholesterol removal, the risk of a kamneobrazovaniye in uric ways reduces coagulability of blood.

Iron is irreplaceable part of hemoglobin and a myoglobin. At decrease in hemoglobin in blood, the diagnosis " is made; anemia . Join symptoms of deficiency zheludochno - intestinal diseases, nails become fragile and thin, cracks in mouth corners appear.

That iron was acquired by an organism, it has to be helped by vitamin C and vitamins of group B. B12 vitamin begins to affect actively blood formation at enough cobalt. Activity of cobalt depends on presence of iron and copper, digestion of copper happens only at intake of manganese etc. - the chain can be prolonged indefinitely.

It becomes clear that minerals and vitamins B an organism are closely interconnected and it is impossible to exaggerate a role of one of them. Where it is possible to find them for an organism in the necessary quantity and a combination? In the nature - fruit, vegetables whether meat

But correct is our selection of products? And it is even more difficult to answer a question: whether and all vitamins and minerals contain in a product? Also it is absolutely impossible to learn whether is not present in a product of the additives capable to neutralize necessary vitamin.

What we buy in shop? The sausage loved by us, the most tasty canned food, sweet syrups, carbonated drinks... Let`s walk briefly on food additives which contain in these products and can be dangerous to an organism.

The monosodium glutamate (a flavoring additive) reduces a threshold of excitability of neurons, irritates parasympathetic nervous system, causes a headache. Can contain in such products - cubes, instant soups, semi-finished products, pelmeni, sauces, canned and fish meat.

E127 Eritrozin (dye) in high doses causes growth of tumors of a thyroid gland. Contains in caramel, fruit in syrup, seasonings, frozen.

E220 Sulphurous anhydride (preservative) Reduces the content of calcium in an organism and destroys B1 vitamin.

E221..., 228 (preservatives) cause a headache, weakness, difficult breath, cough. They are might contain by marinated, tinned and dried fruit, jam and confiture, vinegar, wines, drinks from fruit juice, potato flakes.

And further according to the list antioxidants, acidity regulators, thickeners, stabilizers .

Nightmare, in a word!!! Benjamin Franklin`s words are remembered: The more food, the there are more diseases . Really there is no opportunity presently to receive in the natural way all necessary minerals and vitamins B necessary quantity and a ratio

the Mankind doomed itself to extinction?? As history when poison is created, also antidote in parallel appears shows. Scientists defined long ago that the fast, economically acceptable and evidence-based solution of a problem of deficiency of the population in biologically active agents - is broad use of the dietary supplements (DS). The choice vitaminno - mineral complexes is huge today. Preventive reception of polyvitaminic preparations has to become a norm of life of everyone even almost healthy person. However and it is necessary to select dietary supplement intelligently. Low-quality or incorrectly balanced additive to food can not bring benefit and it is even essential to worsen health.

In The Full encyclopedia on dietary supplements to food of 2001 it is specified that the best improving children`s preparation in Europe, recognized UNESCO, is Laypfak Yunior (the producer of Arkopharma, the largest strategic partner of Vision). Efficiency of other dietary supplements of the Vision company is also confirmed with Scientific council on medical problems of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. In more detail about the Vision narod dietary supplements. ru. All dietary supplements to food of Vision are made according to the GMP standard. The unique technology krio - crushing, applied by production, allows to keep useful properties of vegetable components, without killing the vivifying force of herbs (at application of such technology the product is acquired in an organism to 98%). It is necessary to use dietary supplement, strictly following recommendations of application, without increasing a dosage at all.

Of course, sceptics will tell: so far it is healthy what sense to spend time, money for acquisition and consumption of vitamins There is a remarkable Russian proverb: Peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder but it is necessary to understand already now - the thunder burst, and long ago. We simply begin to get used to winter flu, a summer allergy, the sore head and overfatigue. It is not norm! It is necessary to seek to live. To live, rejoicing to every day! Without being distracted by illnesses.

(Sources: Use of dietary supplement to food for optimization of a food allowance and maintenance of health of the person Scientific council on medical problems of food, Moscow 2007; Omsk State honey academy. Kondakova O. N. is a consultant of the center of new technologies; Reference book of food additives.)