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What is psoriasis and whether it is possible to treat it? Of

Such disease as psoriasis, or scaly deprive, - one of the most mysterious, most widespread and most ancient skin diseases, data on which occur in the Bible.

The illness proceeds so: on skin there are spots with the small scales forming the holmoobrazny stratifications extending on the periphery to an island in the diameter of 0,5 - 1 cm. Sometimes all skin is covered with such rash.

Scales have special brightly - white color (asbestos). On some places (an elbow, a knee and hairy part of the head) rash can remain long.

Still the riddle of an origin of psoriasis is not solved. Of course, the scientific term - a multifactorial disease which explains nothing with sense was thought up except that the disease can arise from anything and when necessary. Speaking about various methods of treatment, it is necessary to make a reservation at once: psoriasis - an illness chronic and to recover from it completely, on for the rest of the life it is impossible. It is possible to treat her all life - and not to cure, and it can also to disappear, without any treatment and without any reasons.

There is a set of hypotheses and theories of developing of psoriasis - hereditary, exchange, neurogenetic, endocrine, allergic, virus, infectious and others, and also the role and influence of provocative factors is studied. Even more often researchers say that this disease results from a severe stress or an emotional overstrain.

The majority of a scientific world developing of an illness is seen in genetic factors. The relatives and ancestors suffering and having psoriasis are found in 60% of patients. Even the chromosome, perhaps responsible for it, is defined. But even if the person will study the family tree for about hundred years in the past, and will not find in it patients, nothing means. Pathology can doze for many years, and children of sick parents till an old age will strike surrounding with purity and beauty of skin. On envy... to grandsons.

The major provocative factors for development of psoriasis are mental injuries, long tension, chronic stressful states (apparently, at the same time the cascade of the biochemical and immunological reactions leading to development of the psoriatichesky centers is started). The role of infectious diseases, physical injuries, travmatization of skin, overcoolings at emergence and exacerbations (recurrence) of psoriasis is big. Intensive medicinal therapy (especially with application of antibiotics), hormonal changes in an organism (during the teenage period matter, at pregnancy and breastfeeding), alcoholic intoxication, long stay on the sun, change of climate, abuse of the products able to aggravate a disease (a citrus, chocolate, eggs and so forth) .

However any of these hypotheses or theories does not open completely essence of a disease, and problems of treatment and prevention are also actual, as well as a century ago.

Meanwhile scaly deprive it is not infectious. Really, do not die of psoriasis, the patient does not shout from pain (except rare, especially hard cases), is not immobilized, keeps clarity of mind. But how many people psoriasis brought to various neurosises, changes in mentality, and and it is not necessary to speak about the broken families, cancelled destinies.


Be convinced that it is really psoriasis (if rashes developed for the first time).

do not panic: diseases it is not so dangerous how it seems.

Remember what circumstances and events preceded emergence of rashes. It can be stressful situations, any intoxications - medicinal, alcoholic, food, etc., long overcooling, infectious diseases and vaccination, a skin travmatization (including a chemical wave, hair-dyeing) etc. Subsequently whenever possible avoid influence of these factors on your organism.

do not self-medicate. Do not experiment on the organism.

Choose whenever possible harmless methods of treatment. You remember: the treatment, the longer remission is simpler.

do not trust persuasive advertizing: there it is often indulged in wishful thinking.

do not think that, the preparation or a method is more expensive, the it is more effective.

Remember that for children, and also at initial or slow stages of psoriasis there is often enough observance of a diet, work-rest schedule that rashes disappeared. Start drug treatment only when the disease brings you moral or physical discomfort.

the Dietary regimen is simple. It is necessary to exclude the use of the citrus, chocolate, eggs, honey, milk and products containing a red pigment (tomatoes, pepper, strawberry, etc.) . It is desirable to limit sharply sour, spicy and greasy food, farinaceous food, potatoes. After disappearance of plaques, during remission not to abuse these products.

Remember that alcohol and smoking, as a rule, aggravate psoriasis.

Popular recently cleanings an organism can also act as provocative factors. You should not be fond also of starvation.

How to struggle with this artful disease?

One of the most important points in treatment of psoriasis is experience of treatment, long supervision over the patient and a right choice of methods and means of therapy. Always it is necessary to remember that the main thing in treatment of this unpredictable illness - Noli nocere! (Do not do much harm!) .

In some cases psoriasis does not demand any treatment at all. For example, when there are 2 - 5 small papules or plaques, and further process does not develop. Without touching these centers, it is possible to live in such state many years. At the same time it is necessary to remember that treatment always should be carried out from simple to difficult - using in the beginning most sparing, harmless means and methods.

Many patients remember old times when in drugstores it was possible to buy freely solid oil ointment (on N. F. Rybakov`s copy-book). It facilitated a condition of patients, softened and peeled plaques, and some of them completely vanished. Most often it happened at children or on easily passing places.

Recently ointment on a solid oil basis " enjoys wide popularity; Magnipsor which passed long clinical tests on the big contingent of patients. It proved as very effective remedy as possesses all necessary properties.

At psoriasis the ultraviolet, namely the sun is very useful. In the summer the people having this disease should sunbathe more, and in the winter at least 1 - 1,5 month to visit a sunbed, it interferes with distribution of plaques.

If psoriasis covers hairy part of the head, it is possible to recommend shampoo on the basis of " tar; Friderm .

Remember that skin diseases - the most not studied branch of medicine. In this case the doctor does not register one concrete means, he can only offer. Many ways of treatment of psoriasis exist in traditional medicine.

Good luck!