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How there was a word fuck?

Exist several competing legends of an origin of the English curse most popular now - the words fuck. The ban on its use was so strict that for the first time the word was published in the Academy dictionary of English only in 1966.

The academic version claims that the word fuck came to English from Dutch, German or one of the Swedish dialects in the 15th century. In particular, the Dutch fokken, similar in sounding, is translated as to couple (cattle), the word fokka on one of the Swedish dialects means to copulate and the close Swedish word fock means a penis.

In literary English the word for the first time appears in the 16th century - in 1509 the anonymous satirical poem " was published; Flen, Flyss where the word is ciphered and, besides, masks under Latin - the inscription gxddbov which is not suitable on a rhythm at all which should have been read to fuccant (letters which in Old English version of the Latin alphabet settled down after the ciphered letters are used) - the verb fuck in the form of plural of the third party of the present so would look, be it Latin. The phrase written on strange mix of Latin and English sounded as Non sunt in celi quia fuccant uuiuys of heli which is translated approximately as it not to be in paradise as they copulate with wives " Ales;. To Them - to monks from the monastery located in Elie`s city, the suburb of Cambridge.

Other versions of an origin of the word - them it is known, at least, four, and all of them declare fuck an acronym - serious philologists consider groundless.

It agrees one of them, the word fuck is deciphered as Found Under Carnal Knowledge that can be translated approximately as traces of carnal knowledge " are found; - reduction of F. U. C. K. it was put in medical documents of soldiers of the British imperial army at detection of venereal diseases.

According to other version, F. U. C. K. there is a reduction from Fornication Under Consent of the King - fornication with the consent of the king . Such poster was allegedly hung out in ancient England on doors of houses in which people had sex - sex of the people who are not belonging to royal family was allowed only with the consent of the king.

According to the third version, F. U. C. K. it is deciphered as Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge - violent unnatural carnal knowledge the representing legal term meaning rape in the 16th century.

At last, the most popular the version according to which the word comes from For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - " is; for illegal carnal knowledge . This sentence, according to the version which for the first time was published in the Playboy magazine in 1970 - x years, was written whether in documents with charges to prostitutes in the 19th century, whether on gallows where hung up the loose women and men using their services in earlier centuries. Special popularity gave to this explanation of an origin of the word FUCK, besides article in the Playboy magazine, the album of Van Halen of the same name.