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Spend one day together with the wife of

Already for a long time I learned about excellent idea which, however, did not find the direct embodiment in my life yet. But, nevertheless, it seems to me very much and very sensible, and can help a married couple to support the love. I learned this idea from the person by the name of Shidlovsky. An essence here in what: he suggests to allocate one day a week especially for communication with the wife.

While for my rhythm to life [as office plankton] there can be only Saturday this afternoon of week (in other days I work, and it would be desirable to spend revival for other things). But, I hope that sometime my operating schedule will change, and I will be able to find for a family more time (on Saturday too often there are different affairs). In this regard it would be very desirable to read Timothy Ferris`s book 4kh hour working week . Yes, it is possible, so a little to work it will not turn out, but is what to aspire

to So why it is necessary to allocate one day a week? For communication. Only we. Only I and it. To descend where - nibud at cinema, to take a walk in park, to descend in shop, eventually Generally, to retire together. If there are children, then them, it is desirable, at least on a half of day to give on preservation to grandmothers or nurses. It is also necessary to reschedule appointments the next day, it is possible even to switch off phones.

Psychologists say that women often complain that they lack communication. Women can hang for hours on phone, telling about the affairs, experiences, thoughts. Men, when gather, as a rule, speak about cars, work, business - that is about more practical things. They communicate too, but they have no requirement to speak about the feelings. On the one hand it is good: women do not love when men speak with them only about themselves. They want attention to themselves, there is a wish to feel care and understanding in conversation.

Here this most special day it is possible to have a good long talk much. By experience I can tell that the usual visit of cinema among a week or joint viewing of the TV of the house cannot satisfy need of the woman for communication. At this time it is impossible to concentrate attention the friend on the friend. This day is necessary to pay an attention maximum to darling, without being distracted by other things.

In what else it is possible to be engaged this day? Except cinema and festivities it is possible to descend in restaurant, to drive by the boat, to eat ice cream, to play something together. Remember, than you were engaged when you only fell in love with each other when you went out on dates. Add my list in comments, please.

I will not speak about intimate part of these days so far [yet]. I think, here [almost] everything is clear :)