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What did last year bring in fashion?

the Last year which brought with themselves crisis which many compared to an era of the Great depression was not so bad for fashion at all. I bring to your attention the list of the people and events which affected fashion most of all. Michelle Obama`s

the First lady of America appeared

in the center of our attention thanks to a dress from Jason Wu which she put on an inauguration ceremony - this squad was called by the scandal which was not ceasing all summer. For fashionable community this event had enormous value, for many little-known American designers it became the beginning of an outstanding career, that push which they so needed during this period.

of M. C. Hammer

Garemny wide trousers became one of the main tendencies of 2009, but any popularity has also a reverse side. In November Wal - the street dzhornat having closely dealt with this issue, quoted Anna Vintur`s statement, the editor-in-chief of the Vogue magazine who declared: Frankly speaking, they a little not in my taste .

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson`s Death became one of the subjects of this year which are most discussed in mass media. Suddenly blogs, television and magazines dappled with images of its jackets, bridges, similar to a military uniform, white socks, felt hats and flat boots. The September Harper`s Bazaar edition, paying a tribute to the memory of Michael, placed on the pages a photo of Agnes Dane dressed by the King of bottoms - music.

Hares Playboy

It is possible, of course, and to scold Marc Jacobs for rabbit ears, but high boots, for the first time " became the main fashionable news nevertheless; lit on Madonna in an advertizing campaign of Louis Vuitton (their design Jacobs developed too). And numerous designers - from Prada to Hussein Chalayan - turned them into a fashionable tendency with which business should reckon even on production of footwear.


the Tight and fitting men`s suits for Italy it is already a lot of years - a usual thing; in America one of the first the designer of men`s wear Tom Brown began to advance them. But series Madmen made much for promoting of these strict silhouettes in style 60 - x among Americans - men.

Having spent by Lady Gaga`s

a little more than a year on a scene, Lady Gaga turned from fashionable misunderstanding into a style icon. It has to show visually to us as the present world of fashion on a new glem - an idol like Madonna, Michael Jackson or David Bowie yearned. Africa and the Middle East

At first Ralph Lauren showed to

the " collection; Spring - 2009 - dzhellaba, turbans and black covers. Then east subject intercepted Givenchy, having brought to a podium of models which hands were covered with gold bracelets to elbows, and girls were bent under weight of elaborate gold jewelry - undoubtedly, here the heated dispute about a ban of Muslim scarfs - hijabs in France was an inspiration source. Designers literally went mad on the African and Middle Eastern dresses; let someone also do not admit it in opened, but we - that see everything.

Nights in style Bug

Enormous heels - platforms threaten to press the theory lengths of women`s " skirts; from positions of an indicator of stability of stock market. Shoe the theory allows to track feedback: the economic situation in the country is worse, the platforms are higher. Alexander McQueen shows us what dangerous heights they can reach. Marlene Dietrich`s

40 - e - one of the most popular subjects of this year. Charming evening dresses, as if the descended from a screen, dark tweed suits, fur capes, the accented shoulders and exaggeratedly distinguished proportions in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn or Joan Crawford.


Yes, economy - it not only reduced fashionable magazines to the sizes of the brochure and destroyed such companies as, for example, Christian Lacroix; exactly thanks to it designers addressed style 30 - x years, having borrowed a characteristic type of a hat, the shortened trousers and shabby jeans from there.

As we see, the fashion finds actual tendencies and in crisis times.