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What is colored kittens and how the real gimalayets look?

This terrible business in Moscow, or perhaps already and not only in the capital, exist several years. And nevertheless many do not know about its existence. It is one more type of a profit at defenseless hearts.

Kittens of an exotic orange color sell in transitions of the subway. Cost not much, draw attention of unsophisticated passersby. Shopkeepers give them for rare Himalaya breed, options - Tibetan are possible, Bengalese etc.

creates this breed by them very simply... Tiny black kittens Skupatsya and are painted by the cheap dyes for hair containing ammonia. According to the latest data not only black kittens, but also smoky, and bikolor were already put to use (two-color). Everything is very simple and effective... And whom concerns that the painted kitten is doomed to death? For them it is only goods. And each purchase orange kitten stimulates new tortures and new death.

If the new owner pays attention to slackness and vomiting of the kid, and will manage to address the veterinarian, then it is waited by droppers, pricks and long treatment. But most often cats die of the most severe intoxication in only a few days. Die hard in pain and an agony. It was succeeded to rescue units.

At pathoanatomical research of a corpse of Meggie (a photo on the right) is received a trace. result:

interstitsialny pancreatitis;

sharp kataralno - hemorrhagic enterokolit;

myocardium dystrophy;

hypostasis of lungs.

All this result of the most severe intoxication chemical dyes.

Being going to get a kitten, do not buy unusually painted at all, it is bright - orange kittens! And other kittens with unusual coloring! Know, rare breeds, in transitions of the subway and on the street are not on sale, and do not cost 300 - 500 rubles!

A rare, thoroughbred animal it is possible to buy only in club or nursery, at the corresponding price.

And the Himalaya breed looks in a different way! She is brought by crossing of the Persian cats with Siamese. They have blue eyes, long light wool, and muzzles, paws and a tail dark only (see a photo at the left).

Be not too lazy to report about it to relatives, friends, that who has no Internet access! There is a demand for goods so far, there will be also offers!!

Now about sellers of live goods. These bad people it is similar to korobochnik . Until kittens are bought, shopkeepers will appear with new parties of the kids doomed to painful death!! Giving them money - you stimulate new death!

Their favourite places in Moscow - metro stations: Paveletsky, Kursk, Southern, Leninsky Avenue, also others are possible. They are very careful, for a long time are not late. Run away at the first danger.

If all of you - bought or, in hope to rescue the kid, took away him from the dealer what needs to be done?

Run in the next hairdressing salon, there is a paint converter - Remover. Under supervision of the veterinarian it is necessary to wipe a kitten, then to wash away everything soap and water.

is necessary a long and expensive course of treatment Further - droppers, pricks and so forth to

If coloring zones small and time passed not much, there is a chance of rescue.

If you became the witness of sale colored kittens you know places of trade if you bought such kitten, or made a photo... In a word, if to you is what to tell about it, address, please, on the forum Dog and Kot . Thanks to efforts of activists of a forum, publications in mass media and carrying out the second militia raid became possible.

If to you life of dumb animals is not indifferent, unpack leaflets and leave them in the nearest pet-shop. Remember that our ignorance in this question generates demand, and demand - new murders!!

Be merciful! Do not forget what will be rewarded everyone according to the deserts...

of Wellbeing to you and your pets!!