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Stars and strips in accounts department or How to become the accountant in the USA?

Why usually choose the accountant`s profession? A great demand, stable work and a salary, a possibility of rather fast advance on a career ladder or the opening put. Besides, at employment in the foreign or joint company a number of serious advantages is had, for example:

- The western companies pay much attention to training and professional development of the employees. Work in them is attractive to those who seek to professional growth.

- At foreign and joint ventures are more accurately prescribed a duty, procedures, an operating procedure. The corporate culture is more developed, becomes for comfort and increase of loyalty of the employee more.

- Serious advantage - a strong financial position of the foreign companies. And the salary in them is, as a rule, higher. Besides, there is a system of bonuses, various privileges, longer holiday and other social guarantees.

For the emigrants coming to the USA, the accounts department is an also most available type of skilled work. She demands the minimum knowledge of language, and it is possible to get a job after several months of training. Besides in the USA according to the Ministry of Labour work as the accountant - one of the most prestigious and highly paid professions.

Work of the accountant in the USA or joint venture requires knowledge of GAAP. It is set of the principles, methods and standards of conducting accounting on - it is American . Besides, practical experience of maintaining the account in conditions " is necessary; foreign realities, with studying of the typical cases and situations characteristic of daily work. All this knowledge and skills it is possible to receive at the American Modern School of Accounts department , and remotely - being at home in every spot on the globe!

The program of School is designed for anyone with secondary education and basic knowledge of English as training is conducted in English. Upon termination of the certificate of the American sample is issued. Each lesson contains both theoretical, and practical tasks with use of the computer accounting QuickBooks program.

The knowledge of the QuickBooks program gives big advantages in practical work of the accountant in the USA. QuickBooks - the most popular American program for accounting in small business. Its share in the market according to researches of the developer, the Intuit company, makes over 90%. QuickBooks is popular also in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. The program gives the chance to users, even not too well familiar with accounts department, to successfully conduct all sites of the account, since an extract of accounts, charge of a salary, and finishing with formation of balance and the other regulated reports.

The American Modern School of Accounts department not only trains and issues certificates, but also assists in employment. Absolutely free of charge the staff of School helps the graduates to make correctly the summary and cover letters, to be registered on the employment websites, to get acquainted with the professional accounting organizations, provides information on licenses and certificates in the sphere of accounting services in the USA.

The founder of the American Modern School of Accountants of Jan Zemnyakov speaks: When I began to work in America, it was necessary to try to obtain everything most, to study on the mistakes. I passed all way on development of a new profession and employment and very much I regret that there is nobody was to ask the help, council. For this reason I also had an idea to open School which would help persons interested to become the accountant in the USA . Yana began career in America with a position of the chief accountant of the small company. Now she is the finance director of RGB Spectrum corporation, the teacher of accounts department at University Golden Ghaith, the chairman of local Committee of users of the computer accounting QuickBooks program.

Not only to the beginner in accounts department, but also from the countries of the former USSR it makes sense to be trained to the skilled accountant at School. Many rules of the account in the USA considerably differ from standards of the countries of the former Soviet Union and even IFRS. Some of them it is much simpler, the others - just others.

Training at School - only the first step on the way to successful career of the accountant. Further, if work is pleasant, there is a sense to improve the skills, for example, to receive SRA - the license, most popular in America, in the sphere of accounting services. But the fascinating way to professionalism and achievement of career heights begins with the first step. Visit the site of School: amsa - online. com, obtain fuller information on conditions of training and - dare!

It is no secret that training is, first of all, investment into itself, into the value as expert, in the future. Let your future please you, and the gained knowledge will help you with it!