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Small and medium-sized enterprises in Komi cut the wood to themselves at a loss

the Source: komionline. ru

In Komi ripened an overproduction problem in the field of logging. Reserves of not taken out wood in the republic make 800 thousand cubic meters. During the winter period when activity of lumberers increases, new will be added to these volumes. But the large enterprises of the region are not capable to buy up everything, consider in JSC “ Mondi ΡΛΟΚ “.

According to the head of Koygorodsky district Mikhail Tebenkov, only in the territory subordinated to it reserves of wood make more than 200 thousand cubic meters, the part of this volume lies from last winter.

In spite of the fact that the Syktyvkar timber industry complex in the next years will increase the volume of the processed wood to 3,9 million cubic meters a year, the enterprise will not be able to buy the bigger number of cubic meters of balances from outside. Thanks to branches of LLC “ Finlesk “ and it will be provided to contract organizations with raw materials. “ SLPK will not be able to take Mondi more wood, than it is required for production, - the CEO of the union of lumbermen of Komi Vladimir Bondarenko noted. - It is necessary to show an initiative, to make decisions and to work “.

Options of a solution of the problem of overproduction of a forest product at least two, experts consider. In - the first, some small enterprises should think replacing a field of activity. In - the second to adapt to new conditions.

At the same time to representatives of local business and heads of municipalities, consider SLPK on Mondi, it is worth paying attention that changes in the forest code which limit preparation of wood on the basis of contracts of purchase and sale of forest plantings - the phenomenon not temporary. To take allotments at auctions and to prepare on them wood for quite some time now it is possible only in exceptional cases, the subjects of Russia provided by laws for ensuring the state or municipal needs.

In this regard small and average lumberers can lease the small timberland. But in this case on them the burden of the additional expenses connected with protection, protection and reproduction of the woods on rent sites will lay down. It is even hard for the large overworking enterprises to bear this burden, not to mention small. Other option - to take the timberland in sublease from the large companies or to work at the rent timberland of the large companies on the terms of the contract. It is also possible to prepare wood for ensuring the state or municipal needs.

“ What option to choose, each certain head himself solves. At the same time Mondi`s guide of SLPK is opened for offers, they only act not this way often as it would be desirable. The initiative has to go first of all from representatives of municipalities and local forest business “ - note at the enterprise.