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How many it was possible to earn money from money in 2006 or silver is more expensive zolot

would Seem, all know how to earn from quickly developing economy of Russia: indexes at the MICEX and RTS exchanges break records, in the country occurred “ national “ IPO (initial public offering at the exchange) Rosneft, in general, placement of shares at the various exchanges grows day by day. Everywhere repeat that money “ have to work “. Only on stocks and bonds of a possibility of earnings without leaving the house (well except for the first “ a campaign behind a state “ - in relevant authorities) are not limited. I will tell about features of investments into currency and precious metals.

Came it is time to get rid from “ the green friend from the USA “ - dollar. Investments into cash foreign currency in general lose relevance as for the last year the ruble became stronger in relation to the majority of the currencies quoted by the Central Bank. The US dollar, popular with Russians, fell in price in relation to ruble by 8,5%. And more than other currencies the Iceland krona depreciated (-18,5%). Last year in Russia only the Swedish krona (+5,8%), the British pound sterling (+4,1%) and euro rose in price - its course to ruble grew by 1,5%. But this gain does not protect even from inflation which in 2006, according to Rosstat, made 9%.

According to forecasts of most of analysts, the ruble will become stronger further, but not so quickly. This year the potential of strengthening of ruble is lower, than in the past. The majority of forecasts is reduced to the fact that by the end of 2007 the dollar will be cost by 25 rub though some experts foretell increase of a course to 26,3 rub. Investors should recognize from the fact that in the middle of the year, most likely, some strengthening of ruble will be observed, and by the end of the year the situation will return on present level.

Euro exchange rate will depend on a situation in the world foreign exchange market. Now the maximum forecasts of the western analysts concerning euro/dollar ratio for the end of 2007 - 1,34. So if to trust forecasts, euro exchange rate by the end of the year in Russia will be higher than 34,34 rub

at the beginning of 2006 bankers unanimously advised investors to choose ruble deposits and were absolutely right. The maximum income from investment of funds on the ruble deposit (the best rates on deposits at the beginning of 2006 in the largest banks - 12% per annum) could make 11,88% per annum. The part of the income was eaten by a tax on the income of natural persons which is raised when the percent on a contribution exceeds a rate of refinancing of the Central Bank (now it is 11% per annum). Year deposits to euro (the best rates - 7,75% per annum) brought 9,3% of the income in terms of rubles. And here dollar deposits (the best rates - 8% per annum) depreciated savings for 1,2%.

In the come year ruble deposits will be more favorable too. Analysts recommends to open ruble deposits for 1 - 2 years. And it is necessary to do it rather: from - for an appreciation of the ruble rates on deposits in banks will be lowered.

Silver is more profitable than

gold In 2006, as well as the previous year, profitable were investments in all precious metals. The world price of gold grew in a year by 23% to $636 for troy ounce, silver - for 46% to $12,9, platinum - for 17% to $1134, palladium - for 31% to $332.

Therefore the investors who opened at the beginning of last year the depersonalized metal accounts (DMA) in silver by New year gained in terms of rubles 28,8% of income on current accounts and 33% - on urgent accounts (the taxes raised from percent on compulsory health insurance are considered). Owners of gold compulsory health insurances earned respectively 10% and 15%, palladic - 14% and 17%, platinum - 3% and 6,5%.

Also the investors who invested money in the Russian investment coins from precious metals were the winner. For example, a pure revenue of purchase and sale of gold “chervonets“ “Sable“ - 25,8% made 10,6%, and a silver coin.

And here investments into ingot gold were not repaid. Purchase of a measured ingot in Sberbank at the beginning of last year with the subsequent its sale on the eve of 2007 turned back a 9% loss.

By estimates of most of analysts, the market of precious metals will bring in incomes and in 2007 - gold will rise in price to $700-750 for ounce. Now the right moment for purchases, by the end of the year troy ounce of gold can rise in price to $730 and even more. And other precious metals will rise in price after gold.