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How to tint paint for repair of walls.

of Kolerovk of paint.

two ways of a kolerovka of paint manual, and with use of computer tinting system Exist. Let`s consider them in more detail and we will describe their pluses and minuses. But before telling in detail about paint kolerovka types, we will explain to you what paint and in what colors can be tinted.

And so, you began to do repair of walls, go to shop, and on a counter it is possible to see paint only of white color, color water-soluble paint will not be there. It is made that paint could be otkolerovat in necessary color, and here the client faces one problem. It consists in the following - not all white paint can be otkolerovat in dark color. Why - you ask? And the problem in the following - any paint consists from binding, a pigment (at white paint it white) and additives. That paint answered the characteristics, is necessary that pigment was no more than such quantity which can connect binding. If we tint paint, then we add to it the additional painting pigment, and than color the its is more dark more, the situation can result from it when there is not enough binding substance to connect all pigment. For the solution of this problem producers let out paint for a kolerovka of several views with different amount of binding substance. For a kolerovka in light colors the amount of free binding substance will be less, and for dark shades of binding substance in bank will be more. For an example the Caparol company lets out paint in three bases, 1 base for light tones, the 2nd base for light-dark tones, the 3rd base for dark tones. On - to it, at a paint kolerovka, be attentive do not use the first base for obtaining dark colors.

Manual kolerovka of paint.

It is a paint kolerovka with manual addition of tinting paste. Now in the market many various tinting concentrates with their help it is possible to receive various shades of color. You buy in shop of construction materials, tinting paste of necessary color and already on the place of works add it, to a bucket with white paint. Depending on amount of the tinting paste added to paint, you can, will receive light or dark colors. But, at such method of a kolerovka, it is necessary to know that it will be impossible to receive very dark, saturated color. If it is necessary for you will paint a wall saturated colors, it is possible to paint with kolerny paste, but it is necessary to understand that then the cost of 1 sq.m of the painted surface will be the road. Such tinting pastes offer several large foreign producers, for example tinting CaparolColor AVA paste from the German producer of CAPAROL paints.

Pluses of a manual kolerovka:

an Opportunity to tint on a venue of works.

Possibility of receiving individual shades.

the Economic option if it is necessary will paint the small area.

Minuses of a manual kolerovka:

Impossibility to repeatedly receive necessary color

needs to select correctly base of paint under dark shades.

Difficulties in hashing of paint when receiving dark shades.

Not economic option, when painting the big areas.

Computer kolerovka.

Use of a computer kolerovka gives the chance of obtaining individual colors, by means of change in the computer, standard compoundings and saving new recipes. Further if you need this color again, it can be repeated. One more powerful plus is the possibility of a kolerovkikraska not only on a fan of the producer of paint, but also on a color fan of other producers.

Pluses of a computer kolerovka

the Opportunity quickly and precisely to otkolerovat in the necessary color.

an Opportunity to create a new shade and to keep a compounding .

the Exact kolerovka of several cans in one color.

the Correct selection of base of paint at a kolerovka in dark colors.

the Wide choice of possible flowers for a kolerovka.

an Opportunity to otkolerovat paint on color fans of various producers.

Minuses of a computer kolerovka.

needs to make process of a kolerovka out of the territory of object.