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Types of paints. What paint to choose for walls painting and a ceiling.

Types of paints.

Acrylic and latex paints. What paint to choose for walls painting and a ceiling?

comes Sooner or later such time when there is a wish to update a type of the interior. You can change furniture, replace curtains, hang up a new chandelier, and it is possible to change color of walls. We will also be engaged in this, we will choose paints for walls painting in your apartment. Let`s tell about all types of paints - water-soluble paints, acrylic paints, latex paints and ecological paints.

Modern producers of paints offer, very big range of paints, and coming to shop, the buyer is lost from such abundance. In this article we will help you to make a right choice.

What requirements are imposed to modern interior paint: - it is an opportunity to be tinted in various colors, it has to be diluted with water, to be resistant to an istirayemost, and to damp cleaning, to be ecologically safe. It is especially important if you are going to paint walls in a bedroom and the nursery. Now let`s choose paint which will meet our requirements.

At first we will tell what is modern, interior paint. Now for walls painting use various water-soluble paints, it is the most widespread option of paints. Many various components are a part of these paints, each of which is responsible for the task. One of the main components is the binding basis, it happens 3 types: polyvinyl acetate (PVA), acrylic, butadion (latex).

Vodorazbavimy paints on the basis of PVA.

of Paint on this basis are the cheapest, but has such minuses as weak resistance to an istirayemost and damp cleaning. The main area of its application are ceilings, but ceilings in dry rooms. Ceilings in bathtubs, kitchens or in damp rooms cannot be painted with paint of this kind. Paints on the basis of PVA are afraid of moisture! One more of minuses of paints of this kind is the poor color palette in which it can be otkolerovat. These paints are not tinted by computer tinting cars. Kolerovka of paints on the basis of PVA occurs manually, way addition in her a tinting pigment. At such method of a kolerovka it is possible to receive only light colors. And all this follows that the main area of use of paints on the basis of PVA is painting of ceilings in dry rooms, in white or in light shades. The main producer of these paints are the domestic companies, in an assortment line of the foreign companies they occupy small part.

The main vodorazbovimy paints for walls painting in rooms are acrylic and latex paints. These paints give more opportunities for creativity. Let`s tell about them in more detail.

Acrylic paints.

Vodorazbovimy paints on an acrylic basis are the most popular, these paints have wider range of use, means them it is possible to paint not only a ceiling, but also walls. They are not afraid of damp cleaning, have good resistance to an istirayemost - means this paint it is possible to paint in damp rooms. But you should not forget that use of acrylic paint in places where perhaps hits water on it is not recommended, for this purpose is other materials. One more advantage of acrylic paints before paints on the basis of PVA a wide choice of flowers for a kolerovka, from light to dark, and an opportunity to tint paint as by a manual method, and with use of the computerized tinting systems.

If you come into any hardware store, then on a counter will see the big range of acrylic paints, even in a line of one producer. Than - they differ? Why to one producer to let out several types of acrylic paint? To difference consist in characteristics of paint. The paint intended for painting of a ceiling has to have snow-white color and good covering ability, notaky paint it is not necessary to have good resistance to washing at all and it cannot be tinted in saturated colors. The paint intended for walls painting in bedrooms will be more resistant to an istirayemost and it can be otkolerovat in bigger amount of colors. Besides there are many highly specialized paints intended for painting of surfaces on which there are fatty spots, traces of a soot and nicotine.

At walls painting acrylic paints the noble opaque covering turns out and if it is necessary will receive coverings with small luster or it is necessary to paint walls with high wear? For performance of such tasks there are latex paints.

Latex paints.

One more product of the paint and varnish industry is latex paints. Their main advantage before other water-soluble paints is: the increased resistance to damp attrition, a possibility of receiving silky opaque surfaces, and an opportunity to cover the basis with a thin layer. All this gives the chance to make coloring of walls on wall-paper under painting I keep their invoice. Why for this purpose latex paints approach better? On the chemical composition latex when drying form a thin film which is capable to cover any invoice of a surface. On it if redeemed wall-paper under painting or you use impressive plaster, the best paint will be - latex paint, it will give to your surface necessary color and will keep the invoice.

Latex paints of foreign producers are divided into several types. Distinction consists in degree of luster of a ready surface, usually it is designated by figure on a label or the name of the paint. For example, the Caparol company has latex paints Samtex3, Samtex7, Samtex20. Latex Samtex3 paint - is opaque; Samtex7 - is silky - opaque, and Samtex20 - is silky - glossy. Distinction will consist not only in in appearance, but also in characteristics of a surface, paint with bigger degree of luster is more resistant to damp cleaning. But glossier paint has minus, it reveals all roughnesses of a wall therefore if you decided to use such paint, it is necessary to take care about good preparation of a wall.

Ecological paints.

in a line of each producer appear Recently the materials made with use of environmentally friendly components so-called Green " paints; these materials during the work with them do not allocate harmful evaporations at all. These paints recommend to use in rooms where there will live the child or the person having an allergy. A number legislative and the regulations limiting use of materials of the harmful substances made with use for internal works works in many European countries. Especially rigid restrictions work in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark. Therefore most of serious producers gradually expel harmful components (let even if their influence is still insufficiently studied) from structure of the production. In any case, holding in hand the paint for internal works made in Western Europe or the USA you can safely claim that in it are absent mercury, zinc whitewash, lead, compounds of cadmium, the chlorinated phenols - the word, the substances which are extremely negatively influencing health and health of the person. Most of producers, by production of an ecological series of paint, appropriate it the special designation helping the consumer to understand that before it ecologically safe product. The Caparol company - environmentally friendly paints, designates a sign E. L. F.

Kolerovka of paint.

is Not enough to choose necessary paint, it still should be otkolerovat, given it color necessary for you.....