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How to give an original gift to March 8?

of the Man, you, hope, did not forget that March 8 comes? It is time to prepare gifts expensive and favourite. Now with it, thank God, there are no problems. In any souvenir (jeweler) shop the choice of gifts - eyes run up. But it is possible to go on other way and to prepare a gift own hands.

How to make such gift, having enclosed in it part of the power? I offer two options of homemade products, simple in production. These are small boards for house notes. On one it is possible to pin paper notes, on another it is convenient to write with chalk. For such original gifts moreover made with own hands, there will always be a place in a hall or in kitchen.

Option No. 1. Board pith

Materials and tools:

champagne cork and wine bottles;

the frame for a photo, is better wooden;

sharp knife;

acrylic paint, varnish furniture, brush;

" glue; Moment or glue gun.

We will break process of production of a gift into stages:

1. we Take N - oye quantity of stoppers and we cut everyone lengthways a knife on plates or strips not less than 1 cm thick. Plates, naturally, will not have the identical form, but so it is even more original.

2. From a frame for the photo we take out the cardboard basis and we cover it with acrylic paint (color choose on your discretion), then, after its drying, it is delicious.

3. When the varnish will dry out (for acceleration of process it is possible to use the hair dryer for drying of hair), we frame a piece of cardboard and we begin to spread on it the cut pith strips. You remember children`s game in a mosaic or modern puzzles? When the most successful option is found, we spread strips in the same order on a table, we dip a reverse side glue and, slightly pressing to the frame basis, we paste.

The board pith has to turn out beautiful and practical. It was necessary to stock up with pins or buttons - and it is possible to read the notes pinned to it from darling of the " type; Darling, I on aerobics, do not forget to feed Barsik. I kiss on a nose .

Option No. 2. Board cretaceous

Materials and tools:

two chopping wooden boards;

a decorative napkin with drawing;

paints acrylic, brush;

hempen twine;

fine-grained emery cloth;

a drill with a drill with a diameter of 2 - 3 mm;

it is small.

Fabrication stages of this original gift:

1. we Drill a drill in chopping boards several openings, as in drawing.

2. we Cover with twice acrylic paint each board. Top we paint in beige color, lower on which we will write notes with chalk, - in darkly - brown. After paint drying slightly oshkurivay both surfaces.

Moisture and oil to acrylic paint are not terrible. This gift can be hung up safely in kitchen near a sink or a plate.

3. we Take a napkin, we cut out drawing and we paste it accurately in the center of the top board with a beige background. For this purpose it is possible to use PVA glue. When gluing the picture of the movement of hands have to be directed from its center to edges.

4. we Pass a hempen twine through the made openings and we connect boards, leaving a small interval. In the top part of a board we do a loop of the same twine to hang up this original gift in the right place, and also a lace - the holder for a piece of chalk.

5. at the edges can decorate the Cord and boards with pastes, beads, cones etc. It is a high time to connect your imagination.

Who will object to the statement that the best gift - that which is made with own hands (of course, apart from diamonds or Mercedes) let will throw into me a stone.

Men, on March 8 not far off. Do not leave everything the last day. I hope, traffic jams after 23 - go remained February with you?