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GMO: rescue of mankind or violation of a planetary ecosystem?

the Subject of genetically modified organisms - one of the most disputable among those who care for the health. The situation is complicated also by the fact that nobody can check harm or advantage of GMO on himself. As everything is simple with other products: ate a hamburger, jammed a piece of cake, washed down with Coca - and here, please, the result will not keep waiting long - heartburn, feeling of weight and belly-ache here.

Not everything is so simple with genetically changed organisms. In total pros and cons for most of people purely theoretical, it is impossible to feel effect. But only whether matter in advantage and harm for the certain person? GMOs are urged to solve, according to scientists, all-planetary problems. And if to distract from pluses and minuses personally for everyone, then it is possible to understand an essence of this phenomenon better.

Arguments For

the Increased nutritional value of products

One of the widespread genetically modified plants - rice. Its structure changes in such a way that it begins to make a beta - carotene which the human body turns into vitamin A. Such rice is called gold " rice; because it can reduce deficiency of vitamin A - the main reason of a blindness and the frequent reason of child mortality in the poorest countries of the world.

Reduction of influence on environment

Scientists develop a special species of trees. By production of paper such wood demands smaller amount of harmful chemicals for the processing.

Increase in production of fish Researchers changed

a gene which operates hormone of growth of fish of a tilapia. It increases productivity of fisheries, makes fish more available and, respectively, increases protein content in food.

Resistance to severe conditions Is conducted by

development of crops which will be able to grow on insufficiently humidified soils and in places with the excess content of salt.

The best digestion of substances of scotomas

the Modified forage for cattle improves digestion of phosphorus. As a result waste of activity of animals contains less phosphorus which pollutes ground waters.

GMOs with vaccines

Are conducted developments edible vaccines. It is actual for poor developing countries where usual vaccination is not too successful. So, products with genetically built-in vaccine can protect from diarrhea - the main reason of child mortality in some regions of the planet. That day when also you are not persuaded to do vaccination from " is or perhaps near; pork flu, and just in large quantities will put on the market potatoes with a vaccine.

Arguments Against

Insufficient control

Is not present sufficient control of distribution of products from GMO. In 2000 in the products intended for people the modified corn intended for a forage of animals was found.

Transfer of allergens Allergens can be transferred by

from one product to another. For example, tests revealed that when the gene of the Brazil nut is transferred to soy, such soy becomes dangerous to people with an allergy to a Brazil nut. In this case everything ended at a development stage. But where a guarantee that it will not repeat?

Unpredictability can exert

of GMO unforeseen impact on the soil at cultivation. It is not excluded that such cultures will take it is more than nutrients and water from the earth in comparison with usual plants.

Artificially introduced genes can pass the undesirable movement of genes with

into other organisms. So, herbicides resistance can pass from cultural plants to weeds. And then weeds become tolerant to herbicides.

Danger to ecosystems

Genetically modified fish can affect population of ordinary fishes if gets to the rivers and the seas. The fish changed in such a way that she eats more for the fastest growth can to take territory of dwelling of the wild fellows.

Complexity for vegetarians

Vegetarians fairly are afraid of products from GMO. When entering genes of animals into plants there is an ethical problem. Product at the same time both plant, and animal. How to be to opponents of animal food?

The question of the importance of GMO difficult is also not limited to personal interests of everyone. That you will prefer: to feed and rescue the starving and dying children of Africa or to threaten an ecosystem of the country and itself personally?

Source: Food and agricultural organization UN .