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Become tempered in the cold market!

Hi friends.

90% of the people who are giving up network marketing do it for two reasons:

1. Fear for the reputation (that acquaintances will think). People do not begin MLM business or throw it in the very first days of work - it is fear for the reputation. What will be told by others, or something was already told. Here 70% unsuccessful a pit in network business get. It is possible to tell that these people are not ready yet, but time wasted by you not to return.

2. Absence of candidates (results). the List 100 - 200 people come to an end, and normal partners were not, it happens pretty often. What to do it is unclear since all calculation went on your acquaintances and other methods are unknown or in them there is no experience. For this reason people leave business in 2 - 6 months (as far as there will be enough list). It is twice unpleasant to lose such partners since most often it is active people.

The standard scheme of work of the vast majority of the network companies - write the list of the acquaintances and begin to work it. It is declared that your acquaintances trust you and listen to your opinion, you will quickly find adherents. But the reality strongly differs. There are all 2 categories of people, it is easy for them to work with acquaintances , it:

The first - people who already achieved success in this life and are an authority , and acquaintances can believe them. The opinion of acquaintances on them sounds so - such person cannot enter any nonsense.

The second - people who are initially surrounded by favorable society , that is the people initially open to new opportunities and ideas. These people can come not to the person, and to idea, having seen its prospects.

I will open for you a secret, 90% of people of the beginning MLM business do not belong neither to the first, nor to the second category. They come for becoming successful (it is not fast process), to surround themselves with the same people (it too not quickly). I.e. the portrait of the beginning network sales manager looks so:

The person works at hired work, his people for whom the main pleasure in life soccer with beer, new year, holiday at the dacha, and them suits it and when they are told personal growth surround - it is the same as sect, zombiing or at all hieroglyphs on the Chinese sneakers. I do not know

that changed thoughts of the person, there can be it books as I was influenced by Kiyosaki in due time, or some other events. In a word the button in the head worked. But at the same time the heads of your acquaintances remained same, as before.

Your acquaintances are not always those people who look for an opportunity something to change in the life. And in this situation you as the seller of red Ferrari who tries to prove all its delights to the inhabitant of a taiga who needs the all-terrain vehicle. Should considering

that most of people are inclined to scepticism, it is simpler to them to criticize, than to do something. Sometimes it comes from envy, in other situations from sincere desire of good. The result is same:

If the person needs a tractor, then Ferrari he will not buy, as if you did not convince.

Most of beginners of MLM of business at start have no iron core of self-confidence and in reality of a goal yet. Therefore estimate all this on the first contacts.

About 70% of the people who are giving up network marketing do it in the first week.

Ya I think that if you read article, means you do not want to get to these 70% and you do not want that your partners therefore I advise got to them to use other approach. Your acquaintances will not get to anywhere and if you really want to give them the real chance, do it when you are READY.

The cold market is just that tool in network marketing which trains people, gives them skills of negotiating, allows to get rid of fears, trains the speech. Its advantage is that it is almost infinite. How many mistakes you would not make, nothing terrible will occur. Carried out the wrong conversation, consider mistakes and move to the following person. It differs from pumping radically on the list of the friends where you risk to be left without list in the course of training.

In - the first, it is the universal tool since does not depend on an environment of the specific person.

In - the second, you will treat much more simply refusals since it is strangers and so far they will not become partners - you do not care about them.

In - the third, you will have a confidence since you will not look as every day the quantity of surnames in your list decreases.

In - the fourth, your friends will not pass to the other side of the street, in fear that you will drag them again somewhere.

In - the fifth, the MAIN THING, seeing your result, your acquaintances will be able to believe in your offer much easier, and you will be able to help them to achieve them the objectives.

PS: It is the simplest to look for partners in the cold market using the Internet.

Progress, Dmitry Zhilin.

Trainer of financial success.

of skype: akmid81