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Whether alcohol and sex are compatible?

Alcohol and sex. It seems - what simpler: these are two things incompatible. Ask any doctor, and he will tell you that alcohol reduces a potentiality. In general subject of alcohol and sex quite difficult. There are no concrete recommendations and councils. However, the physician will tell that alcohol is harmful, and will be right. But, as Paracelsus spoke, everything is poison and everything is medicine. A question in a measure.

During conversations with patients many sexopathologists sometimes recommend to use alcoholic beverages for removal of psychological tension in sex. And such problems in bulk. Imagine the first sexual proximity - people are clamped, strained. The woman is afraid of pain, the man - possible failure. And this fear only provokes pain and failure. Then it can develop in a complex and cause troubles and disappointment for the rest of the life.

However, there is also other danger. The man and the woman can be claimed in deeply wrong opinion that sex at them turns out only in an alcohol intoxication. And it - too inevitable, subsequently, problems and diseases.

There is a myth that alcohol does the woman of more sexual. Actually, it becomes raskreposhchenny more well. At it bashfulness disappears, the libido - desire of sexual satisfaction amplifies. As brakes are released it becomes more active in sex. But it becomes more difficult for it to have sexual satisfaction each time. Longer contact, than is required before. Therefore she looks for more sophisticated caress, requires bigger attention from the partner. For the introduction in intimate relations it needs alcohol again and again to urge on itself. In a word, at the woman abusing alcohol the mechanism of sex life completely breaks. It has to sexuality no slightest relation.

The same concerns also the man. Having got used to a dose before sexual intercourse, he does not think to himself " any more; success in a bed without alcohol.

Everything, of course, depends on a measure. How many it is necessary to drink to remove stress, but not to fall into alcoholic intoxication? Whether it is necessary to use in general alcohol before sexual intercourse? People have to answer these questions to themselves. Or to consult to the sexologist or the psychotherapist.

If you decided everything - to use alcohol, then it is necessary to represent accurately what to drink and how to drink.

At the first meeting champagne is the best of all. This wine of a holiday, solemn event. Champagne already itself adjusts people on importance of an event, emotionally lifts over the ordinary.

Also good expensive wine will approach. Besides that in wine (not fortified) not enough alcohol, so and a state of intoxication will come not soon, this drink has the mass of useful extractive substances that will positively affect during the act. Besides, wine - drink ritual. It already demands flowers, candles on a table, beautiful glasses, music, the twilight. The solemn ritual preceding sexual game and full, pleasant sex.

However there are cases when wine before sex is contraindicated. If, for example, one of partners is sick with diabetes, the person not everything is all right with warmly - vascular system or has other reasons. The extractive substances which are contained in wine can cause a rush of blood, short wind, weakness, other unpleasant and dangerous reactions of an organism. What there sex...

In principle, wine can be replaced with Vermouth. But this drink is dangerous that it can be drunk as water, not " yet; will cover and can cover at the most inappropriate moment.

Many prefer vodka. But it is necessary to treat this serious and pure drink with a bigger care. It is necessary to remember that at vodka which is almost pure solution of alcohol in water, very short period between the euphoric, raised condition of the person and alcoholic intoxication. To women, unusual to this drink, it is very difficult to catch this period. And in a state of intoxication and it is not necessary to speak about good sex.

In general vodka - drink rigid, and therefore means the relations rigid, less romantic. Usually vodka for sex is preferred by people who know each other for a long time. They trust the partner, romanticism is not so necessary to them, both are busy with the affairs... Or that is called outdoors - in a backpacking where initially there is no opportunity to lay a table a white cloth, and behind a wall of tent it is raining.

Here beer - it is perfect other culture of drink. Beer reasonably is even useful. Besides, it is drink young, cheerful, collective. Practically all students drink beer, especially in the summer, on a grass. The youth with pleasure takes this drink in discos, evenings. Very low content of alcohol, vitamins, amino acids which are contained in beer, dlinnost this drink, uniting people, gives the chance to remove psychological problems of communication, to remain vigorous, physically and psychologically ready to sex. Same also cheerfully spent evening with friends promotes well.

However and here it is worth to remember about a measure. Weight in a stomach from the large number drunk the otupleniye, puffiness, fatigue obviously do not promote good sex. You should not forget also that a lot of beer is an a lot of liquid. And the full bladder of romantic feeling, as well as desire - does not cause. All thoughts work only in the direction of a toilet...

After the act it is the best of all to drink a glass of good cognac. This drink is rich with the substances which are favorably influencing on warmly - vascular system, taking off fatigue. Aroma of cognac, its color, taste, a consistence serve as the good toning factors - not only biological, but also psychological. So begin a prelude to sex with wine, and put an end after the act cognac.

And in conclusion we will add: alcohol for sex should not be the rule. If without alcoholic beverages sex becomes impossible, then the person - the man or the woman - urgently should see a doctor. Because it speaks about serious psychological problems which only the expert can understand. Alcoholic beverages have to help to bear pleasure, to exempt from a stiffness, tension preceding the act. Alcohol cannot replace love, a good arrangement to the partner.