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How to teach and learn to study?

- Vasya, sit quietly, do not spin! How many there will be seven eight?! Oh, My God! Well why again fifty eight? We learn the fourth week the multiplication table, and you cannot remember in any way! For what to me such punishment?! Remember! Seven eight - fifty six! Fifty six!

This history in Vasily`s family for a long time in the past. Today he is a student of prestigious Moscow higher education institution, and remembers these evenings with a faint smile. But then, ten years ago, every evening, as well as in many other families, began with check in diaries of homework and came to an end with the hours-long exhausting attempts to understand sense of the read text or cramming of the hated multiplication table. Quite often mother or the father just flew into a rage, and then in fight clips or a belt entered. Tears, offense, misunderstanding between adults and children and the increasing hatred to school at the child were result of all this. I do not want to read! I hate mathematics! To us it was not set! I will not go to school tomorrow! - we hear all this nearly behind each door of our apartments.

Vasily`s parents did not lower a hand and tried to find though something that would help their son to write without mistakes and to cope with problems in mathematics. At one of PTA meetings the class teacher suggested them to address the tutor. Already without trusting in anything, Vasya`s mother found the center of Applied Education where it was possible to receive such help. There was improbable - through 4 school hours Vasily knew by heart all multiplication table! Nobody, and first of all Vasily, could believe in it. Within only several weeks its level of reading improved almost on one class, and since then continued to improve steadily, together with its ability to mathematics.

Preservation of such style of training before leaving school helped it with the eleventh class absolutely independently to pass examinations and to arrive on the budgetary office of institute.

What allowed to make such break in training? This means is the innovative technology of training developed by the American researcher L. Ron Hubbard and intended for overcoming of obstacles which people in the course of studying something face. About forty years ago L. Ron Hubbard found out what is the main reason for all failures in training leading to catastrophically low results of tests and examinations, and, above all - to functional illiteracy in different, even considered safe, the countries. (Functional illiteracy is an inability to perform that work for the sake of which the person studied. For example, the person with the diploma of the accountant is not able to operate correctly accounts, the mechanic - to repair cars, the head - to organize the enterprise or division and to achieve results, the baker - to bake tasty bread and so on.)

The falling education level, according to results of the conducted surveys is one of three main problems, along with crime and drug trafficking, concerning the population of our planet. And when we hear how mass media give figures of people who are not able to read, you should not think that it belongs to the backward countries or to to silly Americans . Unfortunately, there is a lot of such people also in Russia. The inability to read is understood as not ability to say aloud what is written in the newspaper, the book, on a sign, to instructions to medicine, household appliances.

The technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard giving knowledge of how it is necessary to study to be capable to put studied into practice helps to resolve these problems. It very much helps both younger generation, and adults to try to obtain achievements in life, to find suitable work, to master new technologies which quicker and quicker and stronger interfere in our life.

The technology of training is in details described in a series of books, lectures, publications L. Ron Hubbard, including such books as Guide to training bases for seniors and people of more advanced age and As to learn something for school students of elementary grades.

Now its technology of training is actively used by the International Applied education - non-profit organization on improvement of society - in more, than 37 countries on six continents, Six hundred centers of Applied education located including in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, daily work on improvement of education and increase of level of literacy.

So far more than three million people took part in more than 200 projects of Applied Education, and also adjacent projects on increase of level of literacy that as you know, helped Vasily whom we mentioned in the beginning of article, and also to millions of children in the world.

Technology of training - not some secret science in which only the elite can be devoted. The main task of the centers and groups of Applied Education - to give this technology to people each person could and was able to study effectively. If you were interested in this technology - we are glad to you to report that from January 6 to February 6, 2010 in Moscow, in the " organization; Applied Formation of the CIS there passes specially organized cycle of intensive training at courses on technology of training. It is possible to learn more about training and technology of training, having called by phones (495) 680 - 66 - 73 and 507 - 87 - 09 or having written to the address info@apscis. ru.

There is more information on activity of the International Applied Education on the website www. appliedscholastics. org, Applied Education in the CIS www. apscis. ru.