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Amanda Lear... Mysterious singer and model. In what a secret of its popularity? Perhaps you had

also so: you turn on radio and you hear a voice which very strongly puzzles you - unclear, whether the man sings, whether the woman.

You madly like the performer, and meanwhile his name does not speak to you about anything. You begin to suspect that something was passed, call the friend and, as if accidentally, ask: and tell whether this name is familiar to you?

As! - the friend exclaims (in my case - the girlfriend), - You do not know?! Well, you are not the brightened-up person. Same...

... I long timidly listen, and it lights and not to explain any more why we smoothly passed to nymphets and Nabokov, talked about a ban on love and we wash unwillingness to perceive men. I consider that the ideal man is Einstein and.

Here, approximately so I for the first time also heard about Amanda Lear.

So who is Amanda Lear? And it is the French actress, the singer, the stripper, the artist and just the beauty who still remains a riddle.

So, Amanda Lear (Amanda Lear) - the disco - the star - fascinated me not only voice, but also the fantastic biography. In her life fiendish difficulty:

Amanda in Hong Kong in 1939 was born, her father the semi-Frenchman - the semi-Englishman was a military, and mother, the daughter of the Russian officer and the Chinese woman, - the housewife.

Amanda spent the childhood in the south of France both in Switzerland, and to 18 - ti to years knew 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian). To Russian Amanda, by her recognition, unfortunately did not pay due attention... .

To majority Amanda lodged in London, rotated among hippie, plaid about an acid and marijuana.

People from model agency paid attention to bright appearance of the girl. It returned from London to France and began to work for Paco Rabanne and Yves St. Laurent.

In the same time she got acquainted with Salvador Dali for whom she remained a muse, model and the friend more than fifteen years.

60 - the summer artist adored extraordinary people, and Amanda, the owner of a blond mane and exotic appearance covered with a beads and amulets with shatteringly long legs and a deep voice, was not only is effective, but also is clever. Amanda enjoyed life, swam in the pool in the form of a phallus, posed for the master and did not forget to take from it painting lessons.

Dali liked to surprise and shock, he declared: All girls slightly are slightly lesbians, and each young man is a little gay .

Once they visited masquerade in the lock Rotshildov: Dali was in a wheelchair, Amanda - in the red body stockings symbolizing opium poppy and in a headdress in the form of jaws of a shark. Dali at all in the eyes bared and kissed a breast of the beautiful companion.

From time to time it shocked the acquaintances, declaring: Amanda was born the man, you did not know?

Thanks to Dali, Amanda was fond of spiritism. Very versatile personality.

At the beginning of 70 - x years Amanda got acquainted with David Bowie, and they spent year together. Bowie desired that Amanda started singing, and to draw attention, supported hearing as if Amanda is the transsexual. You that, - he said to it, - youth need androgens, unusual people now!

On what Amanda... (when it was necessary for career, it did not quash rumors, but always denied one - that was a mistress Dali)... Amanda did not quash rumors about the transsexualities but at the same time acted for the Playboy magazine of naked. Really someone will condemn if grieved slanders on the feminity the girl visually will show it?

Today on the bothered questions of whether she was a man, Amanda answers: It is ridiculous. I am a woman completely . And, looking at it, it is impossible to doubt it - painfully she is beautiful!

Amanda decided to start singing in 1976.

The first album was called I Am A Photograph also it was devoted to her model career. Two hits from this album became classics of the disco - Tomorrow and Queen Of Chinatown .

Also the following album which left in 1978 - " became successful; Sweet revenge ( Sweet revenge ) . By means of intellectual texts, beauty and unusually deep voice Amanda at once attracted attention. One of directors of broadcasts at broadcast of its song it is interested asked: And how call this guy?

Texts, it is necessary to tell, Amanda wrote itself, and in each of them the sense was put.

In 1979 Amanda married and began to pay less attention to music, having concentrated on painting. It turned out very not bad. 80 - 90 - e years were fruitful for Amanda. From an easy hand of Silvio Berlusconi (then still just the media magnate) Amanda worked 4 years on television where she also became very popular. At the same time she continued to act in at film. Fellini suggested me to act at him more than once, - she told, - but insisted that I added 15 - 20 kilograms. I absorbed spaghetti tons, jamming them cakes But all in vain! I remember, Fellini told: Amanda is perfect as a toothpick . Lucky woman.

Amanda lived more than twenty years with the husband. Children did not acquire - she did not want, considering that the person of art has to be free.

In 2000 in her house there was a fire - the most part of its works and Dali`s pictures were destroyed. Also the husband died...

The singer acted in Italy at this time.

In 1987 Amanda let out an album Secret Passion . Soon after that she gets into a car accident. Thanks to this accident I wrote the book, - the singer admitted. - The hospital chamber very well is suitable for writing of books...

In 1993 - m she wrote down Cadavrexquis - an album with which its return to a dance music began. Single Fantasy became a hit. In June, 1995 - go she participated in the disco - a concert in Paris together with Boney`M Grace Jones and Gloria Gaynor...

Amanda`s songs really magnificent. I do not speak about a voice any more. He is given to drink by the aromas of flowers replacing each other and tart spices, the sea and the jungle... I listen and I include again and again. If today these songs remade on a modern harmony, they would become hits.

And today Amanda continues to be engaged in painting which replaces with it the psychotherapist. She admits interview that it very much lacks Dali and his pictures, and complains that she forgot to love...