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Swindlers: how to be saved? Step - a breyfing of

In due time to me suggested to enter in solid organization - as usual, promised the decent income at the minimum expenses. Yes in addition to it promised not only material welfare, but also spiritual growth.

All this was arranged quite seriously, in abundance of information on this occasion it was possible to drown with ease, without having understood details.

To get to the bottom of an essence, spent a lot of time - the new invention was the next invention of swindlers. Wrote about it article, but for various reasons it lay on the shelf long time, only now was going to publish. I hope that she still will manage to save many from a useless waste of time and money.

Step - a breyfing - what is it? The next scam, sect, a financial pyramid or really new word in business? In search of truth we will understand some details of what is offered to us:

1. Rendering of services is absolutely free;

2. Spiritual development and self-improvement;

3. Charity.

1. Many services are provided really free of charge are those which are easy for finding also in other places, having rummaged on the Internet. Then, through several pages, to you it is absolutely unostentatious, but convincingly explain that everything is free, but it is necessary to pay for the license some 140 euros!

However, in other societies you will be able to do the same without license, but it will be on the illegal bases. And who at us it, the law, observes everywhere?

There were precedents and stronger. One person thought up to license in the property clouds and on this basis to take from farmers percent for rains. Another wanted to receive in the property all sky and on this basis to take from airlines percent for use of the property.

So why not to obtain the license for network marketing and to live comfortably, skimming off the cream? As the author step - a breyfing made, having improved network marketing by spirituality and charity.

Behind a multipage verbal stream the ordinary pyramid hides. Your material welfare if you decide to enter this project, will depend directly on the number of the new members attracted with you in the organization. At connection of only one person in a month (everyone), less than in four years you come to an income level from sales more than 600 million euros!

Here such multimillion zamanukha for suckers. Whether something will get to you from this pie, a question of course disputable, but here organizers of this pyramid for certain live comfortably, receiving 18,80 - 140 euros for each new convert.

2. Authors of the project claim that they combine spiritual development and material welfare in one project. Whether it is possible? Whether it is possible to unite ice and a flame, the truth and lie? It is possible to recognize by other, more truthful sources that development of spirituality is usually connected with refusal of plentiful food, low requirements and aspirations.

Spiritual people or seeking become them seldom eat meat, greasy food etc. They try to achieve composure, having refused envy, enrichment and other material benefits and defects. Probably, all main religions considered srebrolyuby and money as a sin.

Not so long ago in the Rostov region for the first time in Russia there was communistic society, similar to the Israeli kibbutzim. They redeemed the small territory, make in it agricultural products and livestock products. In society they completely refused money. In this case it is possible to speak about spirituality.

Attempt of authors by means of a pole is incorrect to create the new concept. Here wiser Russian proverb is remembered: The law - that dyshlo where turned, there and left! Have a pole vertically or horizontally, anyway it is possible both to strike with it and to make something useful.

Whether it is possible to become rich and spiritual at the same time? Claiming that it is possible unambiguously, authors of the project dissemble. Rich hypocrites practically always claim that they are spiritually developed.

3. For what charity was necessary for authors of the project? For what it in general is necessary? In order that, having stolen one million dollars from society to offer on charity one thousand and to calm in such a way conscience, to raise the status and to dodge from tax specialists.

Modern capitalism will not be able just to manage without jobless, poor, sick and unfortunate. Every year treatment costs all dearer, and patients do not become less, on the contrary - it is more. Doctors, druggists, producers of the medical equipment become richer, wonderfully increasing at the same time the number of patients. Modern to effective businessmen it is not enough to gather the poor population, they try to make it also externally noble way masking low hvatatelny instincts.

If the person has no real opportunity to climb up pyramid top, there is no need to become a stone in its basis, in addition propping up themselves already steady wellbeing of the elite. And if some relative comes running to you and will begin to agitate for the introduction in Step - a breyfing Amvey etc., now you know about what the speech