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We learn English: what examination the most important?

Seem, several months were given to English courses, and it is seemingly possible to communicate quite surely with students in group. The objectives are achieved, language is learned, it is possible to go safely to interview or to a trip.

Whether so it?

Yes, it is absolutely right if it is about the company having representation in Russia or usual tourist round abroad in search of comfort and peace of mind. In such situations of several successfully passable levels it is enough for communication with foreigners at whom English is not the native language too.

The matter is that the people learning English as the second language most often do not use idioms and slang expressions, a professional slang therefore it is simpler to understand them. Also they treat errors in a pronunciation of their interlocutors more tolerantly.

That is, having learned English and knowing as there are a lot of forces and time it was necessary to spend for studying of language, yesterday`s students not only are not confused, hearing the wrong speech in English, but even try to help the interlocutor to find a proper word or correct a pronunciation.

Absolutely differently the situation when dialogue is entered by native speakers are. The people who absorbed language with mother`s milk, especially such who did not trouble themselves studying of other languages sometimes do not realize what efforts someone should learn foreign language, from here - intolerance to the distorted pronunciation or to the complicated perception of the phrases told by them.

To master language at the level of communication with native speakers - means, perhaps, achievement of the highest level, and to communicate with native speakers - means to pass the most important examination. Only here instead of point - briskly current conversation or intense silence and the encouraging nods. Or in general carelessly thrown let`s meet later .

Of course, starting studying of English, not everyone imagines communication with British or Americans as a wreath of works of comprehension of knowledge of a foreign language. And it seems to most of students that English is necessary to them only for communication with same not - native speakers.

However you should not forget - what is pardonable in a trip, it is unacceptable in a business situation. If in search of the beach it is possible to afford gesticulation and an explanation on fingers the forgotten word, substitution of words gestures during negotiations will be a bad form. Therefore, learning English for work, you should not stop on communication in group of students.

Fully to learn to speak a foreign language, it is necessary to prepare itself for communication with native speakers. Only with such level of knowledge it will be possible to feel comfortable at any conference or a meeting. Where to find the teacher of such level?

To the advanced student luster communication with native speakers can give only native speakers. Yes, when several levels of studying of language behind, it is possible to try to communicate with foreigners, visiting the clubs existing for this purpose. Here it will be possible to gather both idioms, and set expressions and to get used to characteristic turns of speech.

The subscription to mailings with an explanation of sense of idioms and set expressions, with reduction of examples of the use will be a good step forward.

Viewing of movies with subtitlings, listening of news will be other useful innovation for the advanced students. It will allow to get used to sounding of the daily speech, again - to expand a stock of the used familiar expressions and specific expressions.

News at the same time become almost gold grant on to polishing language. In news the most modern expressions and words are always used. It is some kind of indicator of a condition of language. Therefore, having passed all levels of studying of English, it is possible to pass to listening of news - English or American - here the choice behind individual preferences. It not only diversifies the speech, but also will give it present . Plus news are, as a rule, relieved of expressions which you should not use at formal communication.

So the students learning English for career development should prepare for the most important examination constantly. Having achieved good results when studying English in group, it is worth thinking that communication with native speakers - the most complex challenge. And though preparation for such communication can easily turn into pleasant pastime (to watch film and to read news - unless not pleasantly?) once regularly she finds time.

Well, and those who before giving of a luster needs to learn many simple household and most colloquial phrases should not shelve business. Begin to learn English already now - register in a free fact-finding lesson of a course of English in Applied Education. You will be able to see how training is conducted and to learn at first hand that training can be pleasant and fascinating, and even the most difficult examinations can be passed perfectly well!