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Difficulties do us better.

to us were fated to be born in time of great shocks, changes, crises. Working in such conditions, we often have a stress, frustration. And I on the contrary, would like to pay your attention that whether our times, and any difficulties on our course of life are so bad.

I would like to share with you very effective ideas which will allow you to be confident in the actions, to move to the purposes, despite external factors.

What is difficulties? It, first of all, your development. Being a child who tries to speak or start walking, you think, everything is so simple and easy for him? No, difficulties help us to develop. Only overcoming difficulties, we can perfect skills.

Why the trainer training athletes puts in couples of athletes with different levels of preparation? Because weaker athlete develops in this moment. Pay attention if you the strongest in team, you do not gain development.

It turns out that defeats, losses develop us, you seek - to win and you grow. Therefore, friends, rejoice to difficulties, accept calls of difficult situations, move, try new, risk. Verna old proverb, He who risks nothing, gains nothing .

There is nothing more dangerously for you, than smooth water of known. If you choose the word Easier you lose the mass of opportunities. If we do every day same we at best stand still, in the worst we degrade.

Sometimes to horror it is terrible to try something and to begin, but our life is so short that in old age we will feel sorry more about not made attempts, than about some misses and failures.

You had a thought which seems to you successful, and has to yield good result, but you were afraid of something, someone dissuaded you to move in this direction. I assure, thought that you could, but did not even try, will lie heavily to you upon shoulders. And you can feel sorry about it much more, than worry about some unsuccessful attempt.

Beginning to perform difficult work, all your minuses, all gaps in skills and knowledge are shown at once. And having only seen it, you will be able to concentrate the attention on this minus, to master some new skill which will allow you to eliminate this minus and to work further. And the more often you face a new problem, the quicker you gain new skills and knowledge which pump over you, doing by more competent, more skilled, more successful person.

So hard times, do you better, hard times create great leaders. So let`s look at hard times as for times of opportunities. And here several councils.

1. Release old ways to work, stereotypes, an image of that as has to be. Last practices can be inefficient today. If you consider that having made in a different way, the result will be better, do. Old methods of work cannot true be eternal.

Look for for yourself business which you will develop. If you go to work, do same day by day, receiving long time the same result or the income, and this work does not promise you any serious prospects, it is senseless to expect the brilliant future.

2. To become successful, to become the leader, it is necessary to protect the thoughts and the point of view. Mass media, it is a continuous negative, many people are also negatively ready now. Now all are afraid of everything. Now only you, your point of view, the most valuable asset. Because your ideas, is what governs your actions, and actions define result.

If you begin to think negatively, give in to general panic, you lose hope. Respectively you lose the forces, you will not achieve the objective, miss opportunities and obviously you will not be able to transfer the life, career to new level.

Therefore, friends, protect, argue the thoughts and the points of view. Read useful books which inspire. Read books of great leaders, successful people. Surround yourself with people who behave as you would like to behave on life. Communicate with positive people who at a meeting discuss that they cool are in the world, business.

Yes it is possible, heavy times in the world, in business now. But you know, these are the greatest times in which you could only live. For you more suitable time will not become successful, than today. Today, this best time to become more successful as changes begin with you!

Defend the ideas, as if on you did not press. You should not look at the world fear eyes, be the leader when all feel the victim for any reason.

3. Rejoice to any progress and victories even if small. If you decided to change something, and it yielded good result, surely notice it, be glad. When you rejoice, your subconsciousness understands that you on the right track. And in following time, your subconsciousness, will give you ideas and thoughts which conduct you in the right direction. The shortest road to your most ambitious goals.

So, let`s take the future in hand, and we will consider hard times, misses and failures as training at serious school under the name life.