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How independently to make manicure of

Undoubtedly, in manicure salon to you will make beautiful manicure, and you will have well-groomed and beautiful nails. But there are cases, when necessary to make urgently. And nails, to put it mildly, not really: one is broken, another exfoliates. Then we independently do manicure, and the task is solved. It is easy to learn it, it is enough to know several simple rules and receptions.

Cut nails of times a month.

it is better for b to Cut tweezers. Do not use scissors as they split up a nail and it exfoliates. Do not mix, tweezers for hands it is less than the size, than for nails of legs. It is necessary to give the form to nails a nail file.

Before filing nails, take hands in warm water. Trays improve blood circulation, do skin smooth and gentle, and, above all - soft that is necessary for carrying out manicure. From time to time add to a tray of a little hot water. When you feel that skin of hands steamed out already enough, start performance of manicure. If your nails have no the sufficient density and durability, it is possible to recommend you a tray with table salt. Having lowered finger-tips in hot solution, take them there 15 minutes then pull out and grease skin around a nail with nutritious cream.

Do not file lateral faces of a nail - they provide it durability. The movements of a file have to be not chaotic, and from edges to the center of a nail.

Nail files in shops are on sale in a big variety: metal, ceramic, glass, sapphire and even crystal. Never use metal files for nails! Buy ceramic, plastic or glass with a small abrasive - such files carefully file nails, without deforming their edge.

After a tray for hands with the softening oil a wooden stick accurately process a cuticle, removing and pressing it to the basis of a nail plate. the Wooden stick (pine, from a santalaceous or orange tree) - the most irreplaceable accessory for carrying out not cut manicure at which the cuticle is not cut off and is softly removed to the nail basis.

It is better to put a varnish so: having cleaned surplus of a varnish from a brush, arrange it in the center of a nail and carry out by one movement to the basis (towards a cuticle) and back to a tip. without adding a varnish on a brush, paint over a nail on each side.

Do not polish nails if they exfoliate, it will only worsen their state. to Fragile and weak nails needs less rough file.

Means for removal of a varnish dry nails. Try to use them not more often than once a week and wash away the means remains water. Acetone dehydrates nails. Better choose liquid for removal of a varnish without acetone.

For removal of a varnish it is the best of all to use wadded disks, paper or flannel napkins. Cotton wool and wadded balls leave fibers on a nail and erase a varnish unevenly. The ready impregnated napkins for removal of a varnish are good on travel, in stationary conditions from them there is a lot of dirt.

Do not forget to use hand cream after manicure. It you keep skin and support a metabolism.