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Why we so like to fool about? It is useful!

One my acquaintance, the serious doctor, by the nature of activity much time spending with that type of people who are called disturbing patient got used to communication effective, accurate, eye to eye. It and me seemed unapproachable part of the office. So far once did not admit private conversation: As I like to fool about who would know it! . On this soil we with it were sung and more than once fascinatingly talked about types of favourite nonsense and ways to be engaged in it.

One of such ways is for certain known also to you. It is in that instead of strained reflections and attempts in time to make serious work to be online, thumbing through the websites with different tricks on purpose to laugh or at least to smile.

On the RuTube and YouTube portals the top of a rating of popularity is not left pass - masterpieces which can be united under the motto unreal pazitiff . At each of us the favourite rollers at which we come back to look minutes of melancholy and burdensome thoughts. I have them and. On one roller it is presented how the baby, having caught that daddy off-screen makes a sound, something it seems: Gpltom! answers with impetuous pleasure and laughter for about three minutes.

On another the young girl, squating and looking in the screen of the mobile, bursts in such laughter which in the people is characterized by the verb to flatten . And in practice there is a surprising, infectious phenomenon which works smoothly. And there is a question: and what affects - that? You will think, to someone it is ridiculous. But what in me provokes this strange desire boomingly how an eagle owl to laugh loudly under light of the monitor in the silence of the night?

On a habit to offer to all an explanation and to sentence: scientists found out I began to read scientific publications. Perhaps they will explain me sense of this desire. At once I will tell, did not explain. But suddenly - to you? Therefore for a start I bring to your attention several scientific facts.

1. Many emotions are closely connected with physical reactions. On one of hypotheses popular now, in a brain there is a site which fixes these reactions and by them determines how we feel. Feelings will be transformed to the exact sincere characteristic.

If to simplify, then when we laugh, this site sends a signal: in total abruptly, life is fine, we in a tone! (Agree, it is especially actual when actually you remind yourself a piece of jelly).

2. the general ancestors of the person and anthropoids were able to Smile, apparently. Obviously, smiling and on a positive monkeys survived more often than those who wandered with a sad face.

Probably, it were ladies and ladies` men who adjoined them. They also did posterity. The others, without knowing where to put itself, started dismantling and wars. They understood that the smile is much more favorable to life, than stupid gloominess for one million years B.C. And Dale Carnegie as if voiced their thoughts, perhaps.

3. Already the child who is not knowing words on - human, reflex resorts to to language of smiles . In it the cunning. The kid instinctively seeks to cajole people around as it helps to survive with that dangerous world that surrounds it. (Especially if to abstract and present itself on the place of the kid: the big world and large people with their strange behavior. It is possible to be frightened forever, but the nature provided an exit).

4. At a usual human smile 43 facial muscles are involved. At laughter internal and external muscles of a diaphragm are connected to them. (By the way, in usual situation conducting quite routine life). So - we swing the person! At the same time it is important to note that the insincere smile involves at most several muscles and has the same relation to sincere health as good morning from the unloved mother-in-law.

Well, well. Let`s say it is favorable to smile and it is useful. Especially under our conditions, which, in general, are not really intended for pleasure. And there is other question: if the smile is peculiar to all primacies and, in general, bears communicative sense, then why it is so important to us to laugh just for himself, in an okhotka and at nonsense?

Recently I puzzled the familiar intellectual women with a question: when you with all the heart laughed last time? Also rushed

One told how she found out that she passed the whole day in trousers, from - under whom yesterday`s tights stuck out.

Another by the way added how she came to a business meeting in a jumper inside out.

the Third remembered how, overstraining on a racetrack and having noticed passing by the handsome man - the instructor, began to run much more beautifully, having lyrically got a false idea herself the goddess of fitness, and lost balance.

the Fourth remembered dances of guests at a wedding.

the Fifth - an animated cartoon South park this concentrated trash

Comedy dramatists know that the laughter causes violation of the principle as has to be . The person should not go with the tights which are hanging down from trousers. People should not lose balance. Animated cartoons should not remind South park . However, when all this occurs, we have fun as children! The matter is that scientists - biologists not up to the end found out an essence of the main phenomenon - laughter over themselves. That quality of the sincere organization which allows us to look at a situation and at itself from outside. To relax, abstract and remove that routine seriousness which gradually becomes part of the person and, generally, there is an unhappiness synonym.

As one good author, Mikhail Ancharov, " wrote; all children are born ingenious. And then they are retrained in adult . But, probably, nevertheless not up to the end. Agree that the woman is capable to manage to keep in herself children`s for the rest of the natural. Women laugh more often and more skillfully than men, but they, in principle, and more diplomatically them.

Biologists note that women, from the point of view of evolution, are more perspective. They are able to constrain aggressive impulses, destructive for any population of people better - from a modest cell of society, a family, to its large object, the state.

The same biologists consider that it increases chances of population of a survival. So - that. And you speak It appears, an opportunity to laugh at itself not only is useful to sincere forces, it also is perspective from the point of view of evolution! Not without reason in modern Europe women strongly entered not only business, but also the power. If only during this process they did not lose ability to smile.

When once again I will sit in melancholy and grief, driving empty thoughts, by all means I will remember it. I will postpone all affairs. I will fool about. I will go outside, I will look okrest. And a smile, without doubt