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How to brake with advantage?

Generally brake - the word is abusive, designates the sluggish and hardly thinking person. And here in the West and the East many believe that to brake - the only means to reach harmony.

Time - not money

Now in honor more and more active people, and sedateness it is accepted to despise: I supposedly yet not on pension and not in an orange tunic of the Tibetan monk. Therefore three times a week at me three-hour tennis, four times - the express - French course (already reached dialects), two times - rowing and every evening - rough sex. All this apart from a heap a top - projects which I do at work.

- As all of you are in time?!

- And I on the car.

I good-natured laughs, widely opening the sanified mouth. Also the person does not know that all his excessive activity leads to a stress, to an illness, early death and inability to receive pleasure from life. Many already probed it - but only not at us yet, and, certainly, there, in the West.

It is about wildly fashionable movement Slow Down - in Russian Brake! . Adherents of the movement work slowly, but is qualitative, eat not on the run, long have sex and live in pleasure.

Hours without arrows

In terms of the movement Slow Down the exhausting work which causes a constant stress is called toxic. The axiom saying what the more hours you carried out at work, the more made - it is disproved brakes .

If the person is able to have a rest and relax out of office, next day it

will come fresh and with a heap of new ideas.

In Europe ideologists of braking were especially active at University of the Austrian city of Klagenfurt. About 30 years ago local philosophers came to a conclusion that from - for domination of economic system haste extended to all aspects of life.

as a result led it to deplorable consequences: to combustion at work, depersonalization, disintegrations, business - to a cannibalism, precipitate political decisions etc. of

at the same time scientists came to a conclusion that the person is alone too weak to sustain pressure of everything that hurries around it therefore it is necessary to brake together. So appeared the PRINCIPLES of SOCIETY of BRAKING

* Brake

, you are not responsible for everything. * When you someone pushes

forward, tell it that he was not pushed.

* Feel taste of what you eat. * Watch

at stars and declines.

* When you go with someone, do not think of what to tell.

* Talk and walk with children.

* be not afraid to spend time it is unproductive and lazy. * Tell

slowly, it is a little or do not speak at all.

* Dare to be late.

* Life it is necessary to live, but not to plan.

* Spend time for games.

* Divide a big task for slightly small.

* When you hurry and worry - stop. * Slowly read to

great books. * Spend by

day alone.

* Sit in the dark.

* do not walk on purpose - so you endow walk.

Slow gas

Hobbies of followers of Slow Down

1 to Lie in longer

there are whole schools of a slow rising which help the person not to worry about the leaving minutes. All of us got used that the self-discipline is an ability to rise. And you here try not to get up when all your interior calls you to have a shave and rush to traffic jams on streets. to Begin with

2 the working day with slow conversation with colleagues

If you in collective have a toropyga, it is necessary to point to it to mistakes. Any urging on which is especially caused by empty feeling of a nachalstvovaniye leads to negative reaction and falling of results.

3 Five-hour

tea Those who were on the island where there was this brilliant invention introduced, however, from the East will understand that it is difficult to overestimate importance of five-hour tea. Before the termination of the working day the stress accrues - it is impossible to run out from work in tension.

4 Ability to avoid work

It does not mean parasitism - it means ability not to perform senseless tasks.

5 to Think Remember

how the father or mother said to you that supposedly you sit as a stub, go - make better this or that, and you tried to understand why it is more difficult to kill a fly, than a mosquito? Again learn to do the same.

Big groups of followers of the movement of anti-haste as it is strange, were dug round at the central enterprise of Volvo concern in Norway - where space engines are made for the ships of NASA. There the Nordic organization of work at the Brazilian longitude of the working day works.

For example, that who comes to work early do not allow to park closer to office because they have time to reach it on foot. In other international corporation - Henkel - exactly at 7 o`clock in the evening, at the end of the working day cut down light in all rooms and declare on a public address system: It is time to go home! that nobody, upas my God, overworked.

So are lazy correctly!!! You do not brake...