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Who such skotofob?

Some think that niktofob - this is the person who loves nobody. They believe that skotofob is afraid of cattle.

Actually niktofobiya it scotophobia means persuasive fear of darkness.

It is all about the device of human sight: nothing is seen by him in the dark and suffers from - for it. As will darken, everyone seems on corners. And if not, then the mood falls, some dark clouds from depth of soul rise. But you do not long, it it does not matter. We here learned to struggle with a stress of darkness and we will share with you.


It, as well as all Freudian versions, is rather predictable. The fear of darkness is put in the childhood thanks to various injuries, for example, when child parents, either parental squabbles, or parental sex, or still something, let us assume, frighten a horse or silence

of lambs.


According to Jung, the person is born with many predispositions given by ancestors, and these predispositions operate behavior. Proceeding from this theory it is very simple to understand fear of darkness - it is natural biological fear.


Is crossed from yungiansky. In the Stone Age people could not leave at night caves as were very vulnerable before predators which were well seen in the dark. In caves there were fire, heat, light. Outside a cave - a gloom, inevitability, cold, death.


Lack of vitamins, shortage of a natural sunlight - to such simplification try to reduce a stress from darkness some doctors, especially Soviet school.


Scientists say that in the person there is such piece - epifiz which regulates work of an organism, producing these or those hormones. In the afternoon this epifiz has to receive energy of a sunlight, and to process it at night in what it is necessary. If in the afternoon of the sun a little, clear, epifiz begins to fail, and first of all these failures affect mentality.

the Factor of fear

Physiology of a phobia per se is rather well studied: the person has an irrational fear with which it is impossible to cope as its sources are put in mentality. The fear gradually amplifies and as a result can end with panic attack - the unexpected convulsive reaction which is followed by sharp increase of a warm rhythm, difficulty of breath, pressure jump.

A here with the reasons of a phobia is more difficult. Psychiatrists say that they are insufficiently studied. Most of people with specific phobias never endured any trauma in similar circumstances. Perhaps, about fear of darkness there is more or less general opinion as it belongs to group so-called biological, or instinctive, fears which are put in the human nature. However the phobia does not stop being a phobia from - for it, it prevents to live, and it is necessary to fight against it.

Own means

. Here to you 10 fundamental rules of fight against darkness.

1 B winter months try to get up together with sunrise - to receive more solar energy. Spend on the street much time during daylight hours.

2 If you understand that there is catastrophically not enough light, register in sessions of a svetoterapiya (phototherapy). You will daily come to procedures and to lie under the big lamp which is very naturally imitating the sun. One such session costs an average of $30-40.

3 Houses turn on all available light devices and the summer music it seems makarena or a chunga - Chiang for dinner you eat fish and seafood more often.

4 If darkness frightens you by ghosts or shadows, try to imagine these ghosts, for example, in the form of a kind being of type of Casper with whom it is possible to be on friendly terms.

5 Speak, on ghosts of night the underwear covered to the shining vtemnota with paint successfully works. Now on sale is absolutely harmless, without phosphorus.

6 At work of times an hour for two minutes look at a fluorescent lamp, thinking of infinity and it is desirable about caducity. If it is impossible, it is possible to think of sex with the blonde.

7 Go more often to different places where spotlights are established: on concerts, discos, walk on the central city streets.

8 Attend hockey matches, and also a skating rink: ice and snow well reflect light and thus help to reduce harmful effects of darkness.

9 Force the girlfriend to put on more white things. Itself wear white boots, socks, fur coats from a hare - a white hare.

10 drawing by gouache on the woman`s body (fingers or a brush) Very much helps.

11 At the worst, sign up for courses of fireworkers and arrange fireworks at weddings, uncountable corporate parties and birthdays. Both nights you will kill, and light-.