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The animation of an anime

which is allocated with original qualities wide popularity receives Everything the Japanese animation of an anime. An anime gained wide popularity in the world from teenagers, in difference of animated movies let out in the European countries for children. Visually the anime differs in a specific manner of the image of characters and background layers. Series for display on TV channels are published, movie theaters full-length movies come out, and for individual viewing are offered on video disks. A great number of characters are inserted into a plot against various places and the historical periods.

Sources for a plot of an anime - series most often are: the Japanese comics a manga, light - guided ranobe, or computer games as a rule, in Visual novel genre. At the screen version graphic style and other properties of the original usually remains. Other sources, for example, of work of classical literature are seldom used. There are also animes using completely independent plot, in in this situation already anime can be a source for creation on it book and a manga - versions.

is possible to present the following genres To an anime:

Hentay / Ettie - animation with pornographic scenes for the adult audience. The subject line can combine hentay with close genres a manga.

Yaoy - shows communications of male same-sex character for female audience.

Ury - shows female same-sex communications, men generally look.

Syodzyo - ouch - shows the female lesbian attitudes without pornographic scenes.

Parapsychology - a type of an anime which action is connected with paramental forces (telepathy, telekinesis, a gipnotizirovaniye).

Furs - the futuristic style displaying fighting collisions between humanoid androids. People or biological organisms operate robots.

the Cyberpunk - the future operated by computer systems. Generally is shown in gloomy tones and in style of anti-Utopia.