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What is IBD and whether you have it?

we will consider one illness of the end of the 20th beginning of 21 centuries Today. It has a set of manifestations - harmful and not really. Of course, to some extent this illness always was, but now it proves more and more zealously. It is called - IBD. If who does not know, then it is deciphered as - Imitation of Rough Activity . If you consider that you do not have it, then I strongly recommend to read up this article up to the end. For certain, familiarly with one of its modern manifestations - to switch by much the TV from the channel to the canal and at the same time to watch nothing. There was a business?

For the life, I had honor to communicate with a large number of people - adults and not really, conscious and also not really. At many struck one devil - they have dreams, there are desires, BUT they do nothing for their achievement at all. There is IBD more true, i.e. they pretend that they strenuously are engaged in something, look for something, analyze and estimate. But nobody moves to the purpose.

Examples it is possible to give a set. For example, I know many people who want to be engaged in self-development. Read clever books on Yoga, Conscious Dreams, Astral Exits and other, but as soon as business reaches prior to real trainings (even banal charging every day), find a heap of excuses. And after a while begin to read clever books and articles again and to do nothing. It is also IBD.

If to give an example from area of achievement of financial independence, then it is possible to give the following case (repeating already repeatedly). I communicate with the person familiar to me. Conversation comes about a financial state. I ask whether he wanted to change something in the financial state? The answer is always affirmative. Then I ask and how many you would like to receive in years 5? The answer - well 10 thousand dollars a month would be most that (at the same time smiling enough). And on a question - whether you have a plan of achievement of this result? the wondering look almost always follows. Well as - nibud it will turn out, probably . Maybe will turn up something .

And so in most cases. People have dreams, but there is a feeling, that that it is necessary though slightly - slightly to rearrange legs in the direction of this dream nobody even guesses. So where here IBD are asked by you? And it here that these people mostly constantly read a set of books and articles from the " series; How to become the rich? etc. But never and apply nothing. They read to read before going to bed to stroke itself on the head and just to think something it seems - Ouch what you well done! learned Today so much new. Tomorrow you will begin to apply and all at you it to turn out! . Here. And the conscience which is constantly repeating that it would already be time to do something, but not just to read, fondly calms down for several days. And then information hunger and the next portion just of information begins again.

If, people began to apply systematically though something from this that is read, then would be though some sense. And so continuous IBD. Even it is sad somehow.

But even if you also recognized yourself in this article, then be not upset, already having even just realized this information, it is possible to begin to get rid of IBD.

In general of course to you to solve, having read up this article, to think of the events and to begin to change or pass to reading of the following article, having given in to IBD.