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How successfully to register the website in searchers and catalogs

Successful registration in searchers and catalogs can play one of klyuchevy roles in involvement of visitors on the website and uses a web - a predstavitelsvta as instrument of advance of your goods or services. All of us use searchers therefore it is very important to make so that the website was most convenient for the searcher and, moreover, got to the top part of its listing.

I divided this article into 9 main steps necessary to make your website sweet " lollipop; for any searcher and the catalog. These steps go in an approximate chronological order.

A step 1 - Creation of the website: we will not deepen design and a usability

in a detail of what is good design in general, and we will note those major factors which should be considered, during creation of the website optimum for searchers and catalogs.

It is necessary to know and remember that robots of searchers use not only those search words which you will set in meta - tags (about meta - tags you will be able to read below), but also the text which is on your website, especially on its main page.

If you provided convenient navigation and a set of the sections which are in detail describing everything about your company in design and structure of the website all the same it is not necessary to place the phrase of type on the gravny page: Hello. Welcome to our website. Use navigation at the top of the page for obtaining more detailed information. That is it is possible to write it, but together with the rest.

Thus, it is very desirable that on the main page there was the general text about your company and the short review of services, the main products provided by you.

Especially turn attention to the first paragraph of the text which is exposed to the greatest attention of the robot of the searcher. It is desirable to include the main search words of your website in it. It can seem at first quite confused, but actually it is not difficult to make such text, search words and phrases (further it will be described in more detail) is what most often most precisely characterizes your activity.

A step 2 - to Provide a possibility of an exchange of references, placements of counters of attendance, icons of catalogs etc.

At a stage of initial development of graphic design of the website should provide a possibility of placement of references to search engines, catalogs, ratings etc. Most often such references are carried out by placement of standard buttons of the sizes 88 × 31 pixels.

Besides, running a little to other area, but also connected with our subject, perhaps it is worth providing placement of text references on the partner websites in advance. Link exchange is not less effective instrument of promotion of the website, than registration in searchers. And both of these methods are closely connected among themselves since many searchers define popularity of your resource and consequently that place to which it is worth bringing him, how many websites have on you references.

In other words if on the website of your competitor is worth of 10 exiles, and on you 100, then probability that in the searcher you will leave above it by identical search words higher.

However, in case of an exchange of references it is necessary to work accurately and circumspectly. You should not set as the purpose to exchange them with the maximum number of the websites. It will not be very effective.

Is important both quantity and quality. Try to define the websites which can interest your potential clients and exchange references with them. It is the best of all to change simple tekstova references - anyway press them more.

A step 3 - to be at optimum search loss for words and phrases

After the website is ready, it is desirable before its registration in the main searchers, it is necessary to pick up and establish optimum search words by which you could be found.

You will use search words 2 - mya in the ways:

1) you establish them in html - a code of your website by means of meta - the

2 tags) you will specify them independently during registration in Catalogues

the First option is necessary for searchers like Yandex. ru which need to know only the address (URL) of your website. They perform other work. Their robot scans the website and if on your website are correctly established meta - the " tags; the robot recognizes by what search words at once to enter your resource in the database with what heading and the description.

The second option for Aport catalogs. ru in which it is necessary to bring search words independently, at registration. Similar resources work on system when at first you specify information on a resource, and then live the administrator of the catalog checks this information.

At selection of the most optimum search words it is necessary to rely on logic: try in details, but at the same time lakonchino to answer the question What is your company engaged in? and on intuition - put yourself to the place of the client - that he can print in the searcher to find your website.

Keywords - can literally be translated as keywords . What keywords, and it is better even than the phrase from 2 - x 3 - x words most precisely characterize a profile of your website?

Better if it are phrases since it increases your chances to get to the leading ten or at least one hundred searcher.

For example, your company is engaged in production of sports mountain bicycles and looks for wholesale buyers in Moscow.

How many websites the searcher will give out after the user prints the word " in a search box; " bicycle; - huge number. Among thousands of these websites devoted to the cycling, cycling clubs best for bicycle routes, announcements of sale of second-hand bicycles etc. you will easily get lost. Grant

, a proverb As a needle in a haystack it was never as actual, as in relation to technologies of registration in searchers.

to you should reduce as much as possible a stack to several straws that can be made thanks to more exact search words.

Why not to try producer of sports mountain " bicycles; and wholesale parties of bicycles to Moscow .

Agree that among the people printing the word " bicycles; in the searcher - there are not enough your potential clients and if to add to it that haystack which turns out in a search result, probability that your website will be found by such word is close to zero.

Your search words have to be individualized under your company, especially pay attention to phrases and if there are special signs characterizing your company also use them. On our example, - if the firm is guided by the Moscow buyers, then it should reflect it among search words!

At this stage you had to have quite big list of search words by which it would be theoretically possible to find your website.

Now let`s try to otseit from them the least important, having left those which will allow you to be among the first in the searcher.

The universal formula or tools in order that to make it does not exist. Searchers there are a lot of types. All of them have the specific features, the database and besides their methods of collection of information are constantly improved.

But nevertheless there is a way to try to leave most active for our promotion search words. For this purpose it is necessary to determine their value, their profitability.

As is defined the price - than more demand and than less on this demand of offers, subjects goods high price. The same works also with search words. you can define

how many the websites are given for this or that search word manually, printing it in a search box and looking through results of the searcher.

But there are also professional On - Line tools which can accelerate this process, and also provide you such important parameter as inquiry frequency the pledged search word.

One of such intsrument is on - line the program working from the website of her producer under the name wordtracker. com / - Word Tracker. it is possible not only to buy

On their website the professional version of the program, but also to try Free Trial free of charge, however, unfortunately, only on the example of the searcher of Altavista.

According to the author of article, this service certainly is quite effective in selection of search words, but not absolutely exact, as it is not surprising. If they could define the most popular search words with a bezpogreshny accuracy, then would already be owners of all Internet - his monopolists.

There is also other ordinarier way of a selection of good search words. However it is also not 100% effective, but it is possible to combine all ways together.

This way is to peep on already untwisted and popular resources - what there search words.

for this purpose is most often even not obligatory to ask permission.

An example as to make it, having visited the website by means of Microsoft Internet Explorer (the English version): Having right-clicked in the field of the loaded website choose the subsection " in the emerged window; View Source and in the opened window of a notebook or other text editor you will see html - a code of this page.

Above this code between inscriptions also are meta - tags for search engines among which there are also search words.

You without effort will be able to find search words there after you read 7y this manual step.

A step 4 - to Develop the most suitable TITLE - to 15 - 20 words.

Except search words, you should think up Title - Heading your website which you place in a tag it is removed in the top part of the screen of a browser, when loading the page of your website.

Therefore many make a mistake caring only for that TITLE looked beautifully only for the person.

Should consider that most of searchers uses the text in Heading as main search words.

For example if at you it is written about production of bicycles and in a zone of search words and to Title, then you will leave on search production of " bicycles; above, than the websites at which it is specified about production of bicycles only in search words!

But at the same time it is worth to remember also that Heading it will be visible also to people, both in the searcher, and at visit of the website, as well as the name of your project.

Therefore I recommend to you to make heading clear to the person and convenient, but at the same time to include in it the main search phrases.

Make heading to 15 - 20 words (in more detail about it is watch an insert - Rules of searchers).

In the first part Heading it is better to place the description of the company. Then description of products or services. Since often searchers cut down heading to several words when bring it to the page of search results.

Rules of search engines

In searchers are familiar with all tricks a web - promoters therefore do restrictions for length of the zones Title, Keywords and Description.

TITLE - your heading can be from 15 to 20 words (if you do not want to risk absolutely, then do up to 15 words)

of Keywords - your search words have to be from 200 to 400 symbols. I recommend golden mean - about 300 symbols.

Search words and phrases should be placed through a comma, it is not necessary to put a gap after a comma. It spends your limit of symbols and is absolutely useless.

Description - from 80 to 150 symbols. In other words 2 - 3 laconic offers. Include in them several main search phrases and write them so that they looked normally the person since the searcher will take information from this field for the description of the website on the page of search results.

A step 5 - to Develop Description - Short Description of the Website

It is simple. Think up 2 - 3 laconic offers describing a deytelnost of your company.

6 - to Optimize a step meta - tags and HTML - a code

Now when at you is Keywords and phrases Heading and Description the website - all this should be aggregated in html - a website code by means of meta - tags.

It is the simplest to show it on the example of

(for the correct image the place of badges brackets [i] are used):


of [TITLE] of LLC VELIKSTROY - all types of sports mountain bicycles. Production and sale to Moscow and the Moscow region. Free shipping of large parties. [/TITLE]

[META NAME = KeyWords CONTENT = production and delivery of bicycles, free shipping to Moscow and Moscow area to buy party of mountain sports bicycles in Moscow, in Moscow area is free, LLC VELIKSTROY creates bicycles... and other phrases and words - on average 300 symbols (+ / - 100) ]

[META NAME = Description CONTENT = We carry out production of bicycles for driving in mountains. To Moscow and Moscow area delivery of large parties free of charge. ]


I still, the important note - try to avoid repetition of the same word in search phrases more than several (4 - 5) times. Since the searcher can consider it for `spam` - attempt to deceive him.

So after we made everything correctly, indexed us poiskovy on words in a search box to buy party of bicycles in Moscow can issue the reference to the website of our example thus:

LLC VELIKSTROY - all types of sports mountain bicycles. Production and sale:

we carry out production of bicycles for driving in mountains. To Moscow and Moscow area delivery of large parties free of charge.

A step 7 - In what searchers to register the website - interesting information that the Top of 8 searchers collects more than 80% of all traffic

according to experts on average in day happens about 319 million appeals to search engines. From them 283 million. that is more than 88% of addresses are the share of the following search engines:

1. Yahoo 2. Google 3. Msn 4. Aol 5. Altavista 6. Go Network 7. Lycos 8. Excite

A the remained 11 - 12% for ALL others. Therefore it is easy to understand what each of the above-stated searchers needs personal attention and it is necessary to be engaged in each searcher individually.

And it is also possible to draw a conclusion that it is not the number of search engines in which the website is registered and in quality of training of the website and in that as it is registered in the main searchers.

In the Russian part of the Internet approximately the same picture - exists several hundreds of searchers, but the overwhelming number of users looks for on:

1. Rambler 2. Yandex 3. www. RU 4. Aport 5. Lycos

(Searchers are brought in any order, but not in popularity) Registration in other poiskvika to you will not damage

, but time spent for manual registration in hundreds of searchers is frequent, do not cost return from it.

In the market there are commercial programs suggesting to be registered in 3000 searchers one pressing of a mouse - perhaps, they also carry out fairly similar registration, but if to combine mistakes which appear as a result of automatic registration, to add to it poor quality of the database on search engines and catalogs (often big weight among them is the low-visited huge pages of the references put without order and subject) and the fact that All this can totally give no more than 12% of a traffic, then return from similar methods of promotion is most often not high.

Especially it is necessary to be afraid of those from programs which offer automatic registration in above-mentioned popular searchers.

of 80% of global traffic are worth it to show personal attention to only 8 websites, isn`t that so?

Robote can make a mistake and then when you come to be registered to large search engine already manually, can refuse to you for importunity (usually the " administrators; giants not especially stand on ceremony from - for huge a stream of the websites which they should process).

The step 8 - Registration in specialized search engines and catalogs of the branch

Separately should be mentioned about thematic search engines and catalogs. In each branch there are the large players giving an opportunity of search in resources to similar only to your branch.

Register the website on all large thematic searchers, catalogs, portals.

A step 9 - Monitoring of the status of registration Since the moment as you submitted the application for registration of your website in the large searcher or the catalog, can take place in searchers

of 2 months to half of year (sometimes less if carries). After that you receive the confirming letter or receive nothing, and just you will be able to find the website in the searcher one fine day.

When you will find the website in the searcher, look attentively, in good whether the place it got. Whether Sootvetsvuyet category in which it is that which answers it. Whether it is possible to find it by search words etc. of

If you did not like at all result of how your website in the searcher or the catalog is placed, then you have a chance to change it, having contacted administration. It most often can be made by e-mail or a web - forms on their website. Sometimes and by phone. be especially polite

At communication with administrators of search engine and specify good reasons why you would like that your website was transferred to other category that search words etc. were changed.

Remember that administrators should process daily a huge flow of applications moreover and to check them, and sometimes they are mistaken.

On the one hand, the searcher exists at the expense of high-quality service for search of other websites, with another if to put you demanding to change free of charge registration and a flow of persons interested on a bowl of scales it is simple to get to search engine, then do not wait the VIP of service. However, changes can achieve.

Of course, other case if you use paid services, but also here happens it is necessary to feel a side since also Yahoo will not create to you a miracle even for a big banknote. From you the logic and sharpness is required too.