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What city in Hungary the most medieval ? Sopron

Small, is slightly more than 57 thousand inhabitants, the city West - the Zadunaysky region that in six kilometers from avstro - the Hungarian border. Somehow I already said that it by right is considered the most loyal city of Hungary. And not only the most loyal . There are some more definitions of Sopron which are deservedly used in a superlative degree. But, before about them, I especially would like to emphasize that this city simply Just very beautiful.

If it is not a pity for several forints and is not only desire, but also an opportunity to rise on being a symbol of Sopron 61 - a meter Fire tower - rise. Also look round around. Here it, a red spot of tile roofs of the city into which from slopes of the hills surrounding with its ring Leveryok streamlets of narrow small streets flows greens of the pine woods and the vineyards which are famous for the kind wines.

Well and if carries and you will appear in Sopron in the spring when green monochrome is densely diluted with cheerful paint of the blossoming cyclamens Here it, that place where not only it is possible, but also it is worth living - most likely, this thought will be the first after the enthusiastic wave from the picturesque picture settles in soul that will rise before eyes from the survey platform of the Fire tower. Will settle in order that for a long time if not forever to remain somewhere in the most undercover corners of memory.

Probably, the same thoughts were also at Romans who in the I-II centuries AD on that place where now there is Sopron, founded the settlement of Skarbantsy through which to Southern Europe there passed the well-known Amber way. The fossil pitch ground by waves of the Baltic Sea - gifts of the sun - the main goods that on this road was carried at that time by merchants. The Roman doctors highly appreciated amber and recommended drugs and products from it at the most different diseases. But to bring him to the empire was oh as not easy. Therefore even small amber ornament often was much more expensive, than young, full of strength and health, and therefore best-selling in the slave market, the slave.

Skarbantion was the large and rich settlement. But its Golden Age was short. Did not pass also two - three hundred years as the city it was ruined by Huns. Life for a long time left these places. Also returned only with arrival the Magyar.

In the 11th century on the remained Roman bases city walls were put up and the strengthened lock is built up. By name one of its owners - Suprun - the city also received the present name which first annalistic mention belongs to 1153. And already in the following, the 13th century, Sopron became the free royal city.

But its growth and economic recovery began later. Almost in three hundred years. Difficult it were times for Hungary. On August 26, 1526 the Turkish army headed by the sultan Suleyman Velikolepny totally crushed Hungarians. The king Layosh II running from a battlefield drowned in the river which spread at the height of a summer high water the Forehead. The country, having lost in fight by the killed and wounded honor all army, it was beheaded and unarmed before Turks who literally in several days occupied the capital of the state of that time - I Will be.

In 1529 the Turkish army plundered also Sopron. But control over the city Turks to establish everything - could not. Though the Hungarian kingdom practically broke up, the power Brilliant Ports was approved only in its central part. To the East from Yews the principality Transylvania was formed. And northern and east areas of the former Hungarian kingdom departed to Austrian Gabsburgam.

It not only saved Sopron, but also gave an impetus to a development of the city in which refugees from occupied territories rushed. Having endured the strongest fire of 1676, within several next decades Sopron built intensively up, restored and as a result got that unique shape which in inviolability kept so far.

And now it is possible also about very best . Thanks to the history and features of territorial situation, Sopron in fact - the only Hungarian city which almost completely kept the architectural heritage. For this reason in 1996 it as the richest in Hungary on medieval monuments, got a special European award.

And these monuments - Holy Trinity Column, Shtorno`s house, Goat church and many - many others - here, at the central Town Hall Square, literally two steps away from the Fire tower, only to go down from it.

Well, how? Saw enough of vicinities? We go down? Yes, before leaving a tower on the square, it is possible to go down to its cellar where the small historical museum was placed, and all that was just read, to look personally, with own eyes.

And I? I will wait. Museum, really, small. And time stock to walk on Town Hall Square of Sopron and its Old city, I hope, at us is?.

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