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Riddles of mankind

New geoglyphs are found in rainforests of Amazon

As geoglyphs are so big that they can be considered only from air, they often remain unnoticed by local population.

Geoglyphs are found in rainforests of Amazon

Obtaining images from satellites within the Google Earth project considerably affected quantity of the found geoglyphs, in particular, opened by scientists in rainforests of Amazon.

It is considered that the majority of the huge patterns applied on the earth were created with the unknown purpose about 700 years ago. At the moment in this region about 300 geoglyphs were revealed, but it is expected that more shortly will be found. Not only development of technologies, but at deforestation owing to which the increasing area of a terrestrial surface opens for viewing is the reason for such forecasts.

Among the latest discoveries - five patterns found the archeologist Also Ranzi (Alceu Ranzi). The geoglyphs found by the scientist consist of rectangles, circles and lines and are on average stretched on distance about one mile. It agrees with Also Ranzi, without use of satellites it would be almost impossible to find these patterns, they are so great that the people who are on the earth just do not perceive their tenches as part of the complete picture. Besides, a difference between color of the lines making geoglyphs and " color; background - other surface, it is very insignificant. Possibly, owing to these difficulties this phenomenon was open only in 70 - x years of the last century.

A riddle which was not solved yet by scientists is the reason for which ancient addressed this form of creativity. At the same time, geoglyphs are the proof of high development of the civilization which generated them: in some cases thickness of lines reaches 12 meters, and depth - four meters.

Traces of the died civilization on a surface of Mars

Ruins, tunnels, unclear fragments, trees, the cities - not the complete list of what can be considered in photos of a surface of Mars. On the website there was already a lot of material devoted to this subject and after all what was seen and read I with confidence put such heading for this material. On Mars someone was, and it is possible to eat and now and the level of development of these beings was very high, to take at least the sizes of pyramids in Kidoniya`s valley. Further I bring to your attention video with photos of these anomalies and artifacts, we already saw a lot of things, but there are also new photos.

Rumors about Nessie

Glava`s death official the fan - the Sucker club are quashed - the Nessky monster Gary Campbell (Gary Campbell) acted with a denial of rumors about Nessie`s death. Rather reliable case of visual contact which happened in last year was argument which it adduced in support of the words. According to Campbell, the new message on Nessie`s appearance was made on June 6, 2009.

A relic being in the lake

Rumours that the legendary inhabitant of the lake Sucker - Ness can be dead were provoked by the fact that throughout a long time about Nessie there were no news. However, lack of messages not necessarily is the certificate that people ceased to face Nessie.

So, general scepticism in relation to the matter could affect rate of news: the person claiming that he saw Nessie can be taken for the madman or who, at least, touched with alcohol. Without wishing to expose itself in bad light, many could just not give to publicity the collision fact with the Sucker - the Nessky monster.

Campbell also noted that the news about Nessie which arrived in July of last year are substantially reliable as contact was declared by the local who would definitely not mix the Sucker - Nesskoye a monster with the garbage floating on a lake surface or seals.

In addition, there were several less authentic certificates. In particular, members of a film crew `Allo `, Allo one of popular series BBC, marked something unusual by means of the sonar. It occurred during cruise on lake waters, in May of last year.

Which - that about " Titanic;

П р и м е р и з о б р а ж е н и я

Some parapsychologists assumed that accidents cause (or, maybe, better to say, project) a certain warning phenomena in a direct proportion to the sizes. The tragedy level is higher, the plausibility of anticipation is more. At least, experts

Of course so claim, some major accidents of the twentieth century, such as accident in 1975 on stations of Murgeyt of the London subway or a tragic collapse in Aberfana in 1966 - m, give us many certificates confirming this theory. There is even more impressive example - with crash in 1912 " Titanic;. Literally hundreds of people declared subsequently that they expected accident, these messages from sources all over the world were already widespread that predictions of events of that awful night when more than 1300 passengers disappeared under ice waters of Northern Atlantic, would be gathered on the whole volume.

But much stranger form of anticipation which concerns not several days, but fourteen years preceding the event occurs among these inspirations. In our case this sea tragedy of the scale, unprecedented in a peace time (comparable unless with accident of the " ferry; Estonia ) was not only is predicted, but even it is described very in detail. The person who laid a hand to it was not the so professional prophet, but the British novelist by the name of Morgan Robertson. Robertsonova the version of events contained in the story entitled Futility which was published in 1898. The story plot the is as follows: certain just floated big American liner, despite of the reputation of unsinkable, runs on an iceberg and goes on a bottom, and the huge number of people perishes.

The author called the ship Titan and this detail - only one of the few which have terrible coincidence to real events. As well as his fictional predecessor, " Titanic; it was recognized as the largest vessel, besides with new type of lifeboats.

Really, the sizes of two ships it is supernatural are similar, and the quantity of seats, number of pipes, turbines and screws - was absolutely identical. Almost in all possible meanings the ships were identical. Their gloomy destiny because both ships - and invented, and real - collided an iceberg in the same region of Northern Atlantic is more important.

Futility had no great success and even if would be on the contrary, it is all the same doubtful that such terrible anticipation of destiny " Titanic; could prevent misfortune. However reading the book all - helped to save, apparently, lives of crew of one more ship which crossed the same waters many years later.

In April, 1935 the young seaman by the name of William Reeves kept watch on a steamship " nose; Titanian floated in Tyneside, England which went to Canada. Midnight when Reeves who recently read " approached; Futility indulged in quiet thoughts, and suddenly he with horror realized that between real accident " Titanic; and a fictional event - a strong likeness.

This opening did not please it at all because its ship just crossed the ocean under the same latitudes and just in April when both Morgan Robertson`s vessel, and pride of the " company; Whyte - Is old - the Line fell to the water graves.

And here occurred to Reeves that exact date of immersion " Titanic; - On April 14, 1912 is a day of its birth, and the thought of this coincidence generated at it terrible feeling that he became the participant of some devil trick of destiny.

Not in forces to explain something to someone, it, having absolutely gone mad, cried, gave a danger signal, and steamship cars right there gave full back. And at this moment the ship, having made foam waters, stopped the run directly before the iceberg which came up a terrible block from darkness of night. Sound Reeves`s signal though several seconds later, Titanian undoubtedly, and in all the rest would follow the fatal similarity with Titan also would go straight to a bottom.

But it is even not the end yet to strange coincidence in which the facts fancifully intertwined with fiction and which accompanied the tragedy of 1912.

In 1886 the British journalist on a name E. U. Stead wrote too the story about the liner which sinks, having run on an iceberg in Northern Atlantic.

Though in this case the name of the ship was Madzhestik but the name of his captain - E. J. Smith - coincided with a name of the real captain " Titanic;.

Amazingly and another - this British journalist who became interested later in psychological phenomena, including also a role of predictions in our life, did not notice the caution made in his own story. E. U. Stead became a passenger " Titanic; and during the tragedy left life...