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Localization a web - the websites

Localization a web - the websites is their adaptation for target audience of Lokalitsaziya of websites process multilevel, including need of use both programming, and linguistic and cultural knowledge. If something from the above-mentioned is absent, then in the project on localization gross blunders can be made.

In most cases at insufficient linguistic and cultural knowledge the project does not manage to be localized. To display an essence of influence of culture on localizations in the following examples areas in which the clear understanding of culture of target audience is necessary will be considered.

Language in localizations a web - the websites to Translate to

a web - the website into other language not so simply as can seem at first sight. There is a set of factors which need to be taken into account when translating contents a web - the websites. Whether all words, phrases, expressions and metaphors are translated into target language? Whether there will be correct a direct translation of the phrase in total for it if it is about country language with the high level of a collectivism? Whether contains a web - the website of a joke and whether they will be correctly transferred at localization? At localization a web - the websites it is always necessary to give preference to esestvenny alternatives.

At the translation into a foreign language it is necessary to think over all available options carefully. If target language Arab, then the website is focused on Tunisians, Iraqis, Egyptians or Yemenites? If target audience are all Arab users, then it is necessary to provide modern standard Arab language.

It is necessary to analyse yakhykovy style and target audience. If target audience are businessmen, then grammar, the dictionary, a punctuation have to display it. If target audience - youth, then language has to be more informal. Use of inappropriate option at localization of the project can lead to misunderstanding a web - the website and loss of visitors.

Important to estimate what information it is necessary to provide on new a web - the website. Not necessarily all information which is present on a web - the website needs the translation. It is necessary to estimate target audience and culture. Whether it is the culture relying more on information of the text plan, descriptions of a product or culture osnovyvayushchayasvya on images for which it is more important to place emphasis on pictures of a product, schedules etc. If the website it is written in technical language, then it is necessary to think over as it is better to transfer idea without use of language.

Content in localization a web - the websites

Check of content in the course of localization is critical aspect for success of the project. It is important not only for right localization of such aspects as dates, currency and units of measure, but also for representation of a correct picture.

For example whether is aimed the website at a product or at the company? In case the company is advertized in the country with the high level of hierarchy and respect for seniors, reader it will be interesting to see corresponding information on members of the company. Along with their position in society, information on their professional achievements, experience will also be interesting to visitors. The Vtaky countries as Great Britain, on the contrary, similar information can be considered as boasting.