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What to have a snack alcoholic beverages on?

In Russia love holidays. Thrifty owners the day before hammer refrigerators with edibles and alcohol. It to you not the Gorbachev period of fight against alcoholism, when behind a bottle of bryntsalovsky drinking " alcohol; Grand piano it was necessary to choke in turn. Then the knowing people to beat off a fusel smell, drew it on orange crusts. Now in any shop the choice of alcohol unlimited and tremendous imagination.

There is a question - what to have a snack alcoholic beverages on? Of course, and champagne is possible vinaigrette or a seledochka, but it would be desirable to give the correct, evidence-based and checked by practice recommendations. So, we will begin with hard alcoholic beverages .

On what to have a snack vodka.

Vodka - national Russian drink. Under snack to it there are a jelly, fat, herring with boiled potatoes, black and red caviar, pickles, marinated tomatoes and mushrooms, sauerkraut and other - to taste consuming.

On what to have a snack cognac.

Cognac - national French drink. It it is good to have a snack on a segment of a lemon or a piece of firm cheese. On a segment of a lemon it is possible to sypanut slightly icing sugar and ground coffee. Such zayedka to cognac was thought up by the tsar Nicholas II therefore it began to be called nikolashka . Cognac in snack does not need classical option.

On what to have a snack whisky.

of Whisky - national shotlandsko - the Irish drink. Scotland pours whisky in a thick glass and dilute with soda (at us it is possible to replace with strongly sparkling water). Ireland drinks whisky undiluted (notice, this word of a masculine gender), having a snack on smoked fish, a game and oysters. Russia drinks whisky in both ways, however prefer to have a snack nevertheless.

On what to have a snack gin.

Gin - purely English juniper vodka. Gin with tonic is favourite cocktail of our ladies. It is drunk, naturally, without having a snack. If to drink gin pure, then it is necessary to have a snack on olives, a lemon and marinated onions.

On what to have a snack a grappa.

the Grappa - national Italian drink, and actually - simple grape vodka. As snack meat dishes and, of course, grapes and olives approach it.

On what to have a snack raka.

of Raky - national Turkish drink, and on most - business anisette with big concentration of an anise. It is in pure form not drunk. Or dilute with water in a tall narrow glass, and then drink gets a dairy shade which Turks call aslan suyu (milk of a lioness), or put in it pieces of ice. Sip raka, and have a snack on sheep cheese, an olive or a slice of a fragrant melon. In Bulgaria there is an alcoholic drink, similar from a raka, mastic is called.

On what to have a snack to Saca.

to Saca - national Japanese drink which is served in the warmed-up look. Sushi have a snack and, excuse for a tautology, dried squids.

On what to have a snack tequila.

Tequila - national Mexican drink. It is traditional to drink and have a snack it follows thus: to lick salt on the edge of a glass, to drink drink one drink and to have a snack here on the attached lime segment. Some fans of tequila replace salt and a lime with cinnamon and orange.

On what to have a snack rum.

Rum - national drink of Caribbean countries, is drunk usually without snack. Most often rum goes for preparation of various cocktails.

On what to have a snack chacha.

Chacha - the Georgian national drink. It is known at us as grape alcohol. Time alcohol, and it is necessary to have a snack as the Russian vodka.

On what to have a snack liqueurs. Bekherovk`s

- national Czech liqueur of big fortress. It is drunk, without having a snack, in pure form, and also add to coffee or tea.

An elder - national Italian anisic liqueur. It is diluted with water or drunk with ice, as well as raka, but without having a snack if as snack not to consider a two-three of the coffee grains thrown on a glass bottom.

In the general plan the snack approaches liqueurs according to their taste. For example, the candied cherry, and to vanilla - vanilla cookies will approach cherry.

On what to have a snack wine.

To white wine as snack seafood, smoked fish and fish in any other look, fowl and fruit go.

Any red meat, especially mutton, the fat baked bird, veal and firm cheese approaches red wine.

To Vermouth as snack give fried nutlets or fruit.

And, at last, the queen of a holiday table - a champagne bottle.

On what to have a snack champagne.

the Best snack to champagne black or red caviar, seafood, light meat, cheese, fruit and ice cream is considered.

This list can be continued, be connected in comments. And finally all good advice: than you had a snack alcoholic beverages at the holiday table, the main thing - not to strike with the person in salad.