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Why pulls on sweet?

Happen the moments when it is insuperable there is a wish for some sweet. And it seems since morning you promise yourself not to break, not to look at chocolates and not to think even of them. And there pass 3 - 4 hours, and arrangements " begin; I will eat a small piece Today I will eat, and tomorrow I will throw It is not my fault - the organism asks it ... and so indefinitely.

In what business? Why people are so not indifferent to sweet? Whether only this desire to indulge itself? And why it is so difficult to control thirst for sugar?

First of all, stop to consider that all problems from - for lack of will power. Business at all not in it, and in a lack of knowledge of products and physiology. And happens and so that knowledge is, and it is impossible to apply them to life situations. Therefore let`s meet a lack and we will get rid of an addiction.

Carbohydrates: simple and difficult

the Main component of any sweet product - sugar. It treats group of carbohydrates. Their main task - supply of an organism with energy. All carbohydrates can be divided into 2 big groups - difficult and simple.

Difficult consist of long chains of glucose. Wheat, rye, porridge, rice, haricot, peas, vegetables, fruit concern to them.

Simple carbohydrates meet as in the natural form (in fruit, dairy products), and in the form of industrially processed options added to food is a sugar, corn syrup.

All carbohydrates, irrespective of their look, in the course of digestion turn into the simplest carbohydrate - glucose . A basic difference - in the speed of this transformation. Complex carbohydrates will be used by an organism only after break up in the course of digestion to simple. Process lasts from 1 to 4 hours. In a case with simple carbohydrates the account goes for minutes. There and to break up - that nothing. Usual white sugar is a combination of one unit of glucose and one unit of fructose, that is splitting to glucose occupies only one step. For comparison - complex carbohydrates contain about 3000 units of glucose.

Glucose - food for a brain

As everything told corresponds to thirst for sweet?

The brain and nervous system are very sensitive to glucose level in blood. Normal level of glucose provides good, equal mood and high performance. When glucose level strongly increases - there is a drowsiness when falls - weakness and nervousness.

So, the stable level of sugar in blood is necessary for for good health. And if in your food not enough complex carbohydrates which provide it arise feeling of hunger and desire to eat sweet.

Well-known advertizing slogan Do not brake - snikersn! absolutely correctly captured the problem essence. You lack energy (read: glucose), reactions is slowed down, the mood worsens, thoughts are slowed down. Our body already perfectly knows (ourselves taught it to it) that the fastest way to raise power level is to eat something sweet.

And the more your work is connected with intellectual tension, the thirst for sweet is stronger. Not incidentally, by the way, advertizing of chocolate bars is focused on youth. During sessions and school examinations the constant " is required; recharge in the form of carbohydrates, and most often the choice falls on such available and sweet products as chocolates and sweet aerated water.

How many hours back you ate?

In life the situation looks so:

1. The breakfast or is missed, or very easy (sandwich / cottage cheese). Hours to 11 - 12 do not want to have dinner yet, but on sweet already pulls. It is a sign of the fact that sugar level fell in blood, the brain needs food, and it begins you to blackmail - that is to demand glucose at any cost.

2. A lunch - soup or vegetable stew. Through 2 - 3 hours - again the same history - there is a wish to have a bite. Calories as well as carbohydrates, in these dishes in principle it is a little therefore an easy lunch - a direct way to an overeating for dinner.

3. You decided to grow thin and refused bread and macaroni. After this decision thirst for sweet considerably amplified. Means, the nervous system lacks carbohydrates. It is possible to suffer in every way, and then to break, but it is better to replace products from white flour with brown rice and whole-grain bread.

What to do?

two exits from such situations Exist. The first - the regular use of complex carbohydrates for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Special attention to porridges, whole-grain bread and bean. Vegetables - too a quite good source of carbohydrates, but they are low-calorie. Therefore can provide with energy for rather small period.

The second an exit is a spare option for those who all - did not manage to eat in due time. Always have at yourself saving " set; which will help to hold on till a lunch or a dinner. I mean useful, but rather high-calorie having a snack. Just carrot or a cucumber will not help, in them there are not enough calories, something is necessary more essential.

For example, a sandwich from coarse flour with fast meat, low-fat cheese sandwich or haricot salad. That is surely there have to be complex carbohydrates. They, of course, will not instantly raise sugar level in blood, but suffer minutes 15 - and you will feel easier, thoughts of a roll will not be such persuasive any more.

Let`s look to the truth in eyes - you want not some sweet, you just want to eat.