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How to choose the car?

to Help to make a right choice a number of simple councils will help.

New or old

of All buyers of foreign cars can be divided into two groups. One try to take the new car, others are guided by second-hand. Its much higher reliability and guarantee certificates of the producer belongs to advantages of the new car. The new car has also minuses - her much higher in comparison with sekond - a hand cost. Besides, it is worth to remember that having bought the new car, say, for $20 thousand today, in its year it will be impossible to sell for $18-19 thousand. Losses will be significantly more. Therefore the new car will suit more those who want to buy the vehicle for a long time and to have a minimum of problems with its operation. And purchase of the second-hand car it is possible to recommend to fans to change cars often.

CONCLUSION : Never it is necessary to take too old foreign car which once was prestigious - costs of its service and repair will be very high. It is the best of all to buy the new car with that calculation that he will be exploited several years.

How many to give as

is considered to be that the person is able to afford the car cost no more, than its annual salary. That is if monthly into the personal account $1,5 thousand arrive, then and it is necessary to look for the car in the price range to $18 thousand, at most to $

20 thousand It is necessary to consider also that how many operation of this or that model will cost. It is worth beginning first of all with fuel consumption here. To fuel it is necessary to add maintenance cost each 10 - 20 thousand km., and also the price of an insurance on risk stealing / damage - believe, with it is much quieter. On average it turns out that in the presence of the car worth about $20 thousand. expenses taking into account the cost of gasoline, an insurance, maintenance, taxes and other make about $2,5 thousand a year or $208 a month. It is necessary to add to it also those losses which will be suffered by the budget at resale of the car further. So, in three years of operation the new car will fall in price approximately by 25 - 35%, and, so at the cost of cars of $20 thousand general loss will make $5-7 thousand. Or approximately for $166 a month within the first three years. As a result about $375-400 turn out every month (for the new car at the cost of $20 thousand) . If it is about the car worth $50-70 thousand then expenses grow already to $600-1000 and even more.

CONCLUSION : Before buying the car it is necessary to count how many it will demand money.

the Size matters

After definition of the financial opportunities it is necessary to think over what class the car is required. At the solution of this question it is necessary to consider not only personal preferences, but also that in what conditions will be operated the car as often in it it will be necessary to transport a large number of passengers or freight and so on.

If the simple vehicle on the city then it is the best of all to stop the choice on a small minicar is necessary (its pluses it is the low price, low operational costs, convenience of maneuvering and the parking). It is the best of all for chapter of a big family which often comes out to the dacha to look narrowly at capacious minivans, versatile persons or hatchbacks. And here SUVs it is possible to advise to leave only in that case when there is a need periodically on the nature. And that in this case is the best of all to turn the look towards so-called " SUVs; which combine comfortableness of the passenger car with SUV opportunities.

The real SUVs are sense to buy only by that who in general it is rare when leaves on asphalt - comfort of such cars is far from an ideal, and service cost (and the car) rather high. Here, by the way, it is possible to remember a favourite saying of workers of Land Rover - 90% of buyers of SUVs never in life use a possibility of the car on full. And another 9,9% only think that they use .

CONCLUSION : At continuous driving on the city the big sedan or the SUV is not necessary. If there is a desire to buy the car for all occasions, then it is the best of all to take a capacious minivan, the station wagon or the parquet SUV. And here prestigious sedans of the class luxury it is necessary to buy only when it is demanded by the status of the person. Pontus is more expensive to

than money

To the Russian buyers very important factor the brand of future car and its prestige is. From - for this of criterion very many do not even want to consider some Korean model as option though now Hyundai or Kia have very good cars. And here Japanese and, of course, the European brands, are quoted not bad. By the way, purchase of a car which brand is appreciated among other motorists will help further at its resale. Right there it is possible to advise to refuse acquisition of various exotic cars which in Russia meet in small amounts. They, of course, attract views of people around, but at their service and further resale there can be big problems.

CONCLUSION : If the social status is for the person a significant factor then it is the best of all for it to buy the car some more - less prestigious, but at the same time and widespread brand (in Russia the European and Japanese models best of all are quoted). However if the simple vehicle then it is necessary to pay attention not to a brand, and to technical characteristics of the car, reliability and its price is necessary. From exotic it is the best of all to refuse and in this case. by

of Heart at choice

Choosing the vehicle it is necessary to decide also on what engine will stand under a cowl. Not always principle than it is more, than better works for the car. Models with power units, big on volume, are much more expensive than the fellows with motors it is simpler. It is considered to be that for small " cars; golf - the class there is usually enough power in 75 - 150 hp, and the class " car; D on the European classification (To Opel Vectra, Volkswagen Passat and so forth) there will be enough 90 - 180 hp. At the same time the car with the diesel engine is sense to buy only in case annual run makes more than 30 thousand km., and more than 50 thousand km are even better.

Several words need to be told also about a complete set. If there is a desire to buy more - less decent foreign car, then it is the best of all to look for at once such where there is at least the minimum electropackage, the conditioner and ABS. And here the navigation system in Russia it is absolute to anything - it does not work for us.

CONCLUSION : Usually the best choice is the motor which holds average position in model scale.

I one more council. Never trust sweet talks of sellers of cars. Remember - the seller wants not to solve your problems, and to sell the goods. And at it any car will have excellent comfort, tremendous passability and almost free cost of service. Therefore before purchase it is necessary to test on the run of several cars of a similar class to understand what of them better.