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Make the pension fund or how to earn pension in twenty years.

Each person for life passes standard stages: childhood, youth, youth, mature age and old age. In the childhood and youth we go to kindergarten and school. In youth we study at institutes, universities, we receive professional skills, we begin work. At mature age we improve professional skills, we grow on a career ladder.

And many forget that years fly. And time is the most valuable thing in our life. And if we from the very beginning, from the most first income, do not begin to care for the future. It can lead to sad consequences.

Yes the state creates to us a pension fund in which we pay monthly contributions. But look at pension which is received now by our pensioners. It is enough only for payment of utilities and food.

Whether our old men can, retiring, to dare to lead full-fledged life, to travel all over the world how pensioners of many developed countries? Of course, No. Is it worth hoping only that it is ready to provide the state? Same answer, No. It is impossible to be financially dependent on someone, even from the state.

And what - we can do what by the time of when our forces are not those, we could not worry about money?

In full sense, we have to be financially competent, study investments, know laws of money. Your money has to bring in you incomes. If you are able to force your money to work, financial independence is provided to you.

But today not about it. Let`s continue our subject.

Now we have many forces and time, and we can change them for money (quite so I call hired labor, an exchange of the time for money), but it will not be infinite therefore this hour, reflect how to dispose with each earned ruble, perhaps it will be able to bring you hundreds, thousands of rubles.

You study maintaining personal finance already now. Distribute the earnings so what you would get, everything that is necessary, and you had not less than 10% for your future. 10% of your salary, not such large sum, most likely you will not even feel its shortage. Even it will be simpler if at once to clean this sum to one secluded place about which our speech will go further.

Everything is simple, possible you it heard, but never betrayed values. I would like to tell about the easiest and reliable way of investment. Here it is not required to you, any special knowledge. It will be a question of bank deposits with difficult percent.

Magic of difficult percent.

Main advantage of bank deposits, guarantee income. Minuses, small profitability and long terms, nevertheless, this investment tool is able to allow you to create the passive income (the income which is not demanding your labor costs).

You look if to lay off 10% of the salary in bank, under 12% per annum, then exactly in 20 years, monthly charged percent on your contribution will be equal to your today`s salary. Also they will be charged regardless of the fact that you do, work, have a rest, travel.

Does not impress yet? 20 years big term? Ok, we will return to this subject in 20 years.

For those who are not indifferent to the future I made the calculator. (The link to the calculator in a source). You can play with calculations. Specify the salary, the initial contribution necessary for opening of the deposit, and an interest rate of bank in which you plan to open the deposit.

For further understanding it is important to look at the calculator.

What deposit approaches:

Choose the term deposit for the greatest possible term, with a possibility of prolongation. As 3 years carried out the maximum term. Such deposits have the greatest percent.

Percent in the deposit have to be capitalized. an opportunity to fill up the deposit has to be

U you.

Main, without fanaticism! You do not introduce more than 10% of the income, in this deposit. You remember, we live now, but not in 20 years. If you have for accumulation more than 10%, there is a mass of other, investment tools. Try to understand, other tools can have big profitability in the short-term periods.

These 10% our safety cushion in the future. These are those investments which will allow us to enjoy a provided old age.

Why it is important not to waste time and to open the deposit already now, but not tomorrow and not in a couple of years. As the inscription at a window of one bank said, it is not enough - Pomala you save up the sufficient sum here, but not earlier, than will begin.

I will give an interesting example:

Ivan Ivanovich and Pyotr Petrovich, to both for 65 years is representable two people.

Ivan Ivanovich opened the deposit having 12% per annum in 20 years and till 40 years contributed one thousand rubles monthly. After 40 years Ivan Ivanovich ceased to deposit money to the account, but did not remove them. Therefore, Ivan Ivanovich placed the money of only 20 years all the remained time, the charged percent continued to be capitalized.

Pyotr Petrovich opened the same deposit in 40 years, exactly when Ivan Ivanovich ceased to make contributions. But Pyotr Petrovich contributed thousands of rubles of 25 years, about 65 years. It turns out that Pyotr Petrovich for 5 years made monthly contributions longer, than Ivan Ivanovich. But let`s look how many money was on the account both in day of their sixty fifth anniversaries.

Pyotr Petrovich in 65 years, on the account: 2 million rubles. And monthly charged percent of 20 thousand rubles, not bad? It is possible to live.

Ivan Ivanovich in 65 years, on the account: 21 million 300 thousand rubles. And monthly charged percent of 213 thousand rubles, Enormously!!! Flawless victory!!! I think, at Ivan of Ivanovich life only began.

The matter is that in such wide temporary intervals, the charged percent surpass contributed by you. Percent are capitalized, and next time percent are charged from the total amount and so on. Here it is magic of difficult percent.

You will tell, and suddenly the collapse of currency, inflation, a swagger major circumstances that then? Friends, risks are present at any sphere of investments, and it does not mean that we should not be engaged in them. He who risks nothing, gains nothing.

For this purpose I also recommend to be trained in financial literacy, investments, to have competent approach to personal finance, competently made investment portfolio. Thanks to it, your assets will be in safety.

The simplest instrument of investments is presented in this article, it is effective in the long-term period. Here the discipline is important, that is irrespective of life situations to introduce 10% of the income. Can less, solve, but to bring monthly surely.

Time is invaluable, having decided to open the deposit not now, perhaps you lose tens, hundreds of thousands from the monthly income in the future.

There are a little rules:

To open the deposit as soon as possible.

to Make contributions regularly, throughout the long period.

you do not pursue high percent. Estimate reliability of bank, it is safety of your investments.

Rinat Yarbulov