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How to learn business - English?

Business - English - one of the most demanded English courses today. It also is not surprising. Supporting communications with foreign colleagues, there is a wish to speak with them one language.

However, here not to mix the main thing - exist business - courses in English and English for business. That is in the first case teachers tell about how to do business and to operate the company or the business, and in another - train in necessary lexicon of those who already work in business long ago.

Of course, among teachers business is English most of those who did not work in business - the sphere, and only owns necessary words and phrases which are required for those who want to conduct negotiations in English.

In fact, such specialized courses are urged to raise the level of informal and written language, only in a certain sphere of activity. That is, instead of fast pronouncing the phrase We received the letter from Petya students are trained to say freely phrases We received accounts and the contract from our partners that is learn to use usual speech designs, but using specific lexicon.

It is interesting that the students attending courses business - English, often quite intolerantly treat young teachers, or teachers who know about their specialty a little. Therefore the teachers who already worked several years in a certain position, and now switched to teaching language are highly appreciated especially. But in general, among teachers of language such there is not a lot of, and the teacher most often has only one specialty - teaching. Therefore you should not so react to the fact that the teacher business - English does not know how to fill in the tax declaration sharply.

More likely, the most right approach is creation of occupation as story of the student in English how these or those work business - structures. It helps the student to get to talking and to the teacher - to estimate where in knowledge of the student there are gaps in a lexicon.

Besides, courses business - English effectively pass in a type of the presentations. That is students study in the beginning the small volume of words and expressions which can be useful to them, and then do the presentations about the companies, products, the direct duties in the company. Such work with students leads to more active development of necessary words and expressions, and presence of the teacher helps to do this process faster and successful.

Of course, during the work in group there can sometimes be problems from - for the fact that students, got used to a certain hierarchy in the company, cannot quickly be reconstructed and continue to perceive other students in group as those who work together with them. It can often bring to stiffness students, and at first sight can even seem that individual occupations in such situation it is better. However, you should not give up, individual occupations will never bring so much benefit as work in group. In such situation a lot of things depend on the teacher who can build up the correct relationship between students in group where the teacher - information source, and students - the partners who gathered for achievement of the purpose - studying of language which will help them to expand the horizons of the activity.

In general, courses business - English can pass in any form, but the most effective way of its studying - studying in the adapted environment. That is, an effective way carrying out trainings, games, conferences, negotiations in English will become. In such conditions the studied information is better and quicker remembered plus as it was already told, gaps to which it is worth paying attention become noticeable.

But also of course, in case of studying business - English, the opinion and wishes of the student are especially important. It is worth reporting about any interesting subject to the teacher. It will help it to pay attention to those subjects and the moments which are necessary to students by preparation for occupations. Thus, it is possible to make occupations by the most effective and to study validly that it is useful in work. Try to make the occupations by the most saturated together with the teacher, and you by all means will achieve the good results.

Master the new horizons, study English! On courses English as the second language you will be able both to tighten the level of usual colloquial English, and to complete an English course for business which will help you with professional activity. Already now you can register in our free fact-finding lesson to look how we train in English, and to register in training! Let your world become brighter with new partners and adherents!