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How to choose the best wind generator?

Not so just, apparently, to choose the wind generator meeting all requirements. Having given in to advertizing of sellers, having spent money and time for installation of the wind generator, shortly most of consumers are convinced that it can be at best a toy.

Each seller claims that he his wind generators the best, and gives the mass of arguments in favor of this statement. For an example we will take VEU - 2000 which is positioned in the Russian market as the best model of the wind generator. Whether so it actually?

Producers declare that it is made on the basis of high technologies by defense of the industry and contains a set of original technical solutions which provided it a considerable separation from competitors, claiming that it is the unique car which analogs in the world are not present today.

This wind generator practically does not rustle, the long time does not demand maintenance. The term of operation is calculated on ten years. The special ceramic-metal film covers the rubbing surfaces, reducing friction to extremely small values. Installation bearings are in the same way processed.

Producers consider wind-driven generator power in 2000 W quite sufficient. They say that if to apply energy saving bulbs and other modern house electric equipment of an energy saving class - this power will be enough with a stock.

We will try to specify. Really the majority of wind-driven generators rustles so that the conflicts with neighbors will be inevitable, but this actually quiet and meets these requirements.

As for the given power, here to put it mildly, it is strongly exaggerated. For wind-driven generators. located in the territory of Russia, the most important indicator is an ability to give rated power on small winds. Russia is not famous for strong winds, and wind at us seldom exceeds 5 meters per second. Therefore it is necessary to choose the wind-driven generator capable to give rated power at wind 4 - 5 m/s, it is no more.

Russian " wind generator; VEU - 2000 gives rated power at wind of 10 m/s. As all its power makes 2000 W, at wind to 5 m/s it will give so small percent from the power that it practically will not be enough for anything. A conclusion unambiguous is not the best wind generator!

As the best " wind generator; it was not the best, and to you it is not necessary to speak about other models. Whether there is in general a wind generator meeting the Russian requirements? Is, but let out them in Ukraine, it is silent, inertial - ShchRPM - DPV(G)200 - 2. 0 , gathers on floor spaces of DP of Verano in Odessa region and is the most effective today.

Except noiselessness, it meets the main requirements - develops rated power already at wind of 3 m/s, begins rotation at wind 0,17 - 0,5 m/s. This wind generator of vertical execution, to it the direction of wind is not important, the rotary device is not required. It bezreduktorny type, is supplied with only one basic bearing with 500 - single margin of safety of production of Japan. Rotation of a rotor is based on a magnetic levitation, practically without friction therefore it is considered unattended: guarantee of 5 years, service life of 25 years. Establish once, and you will not be required to approach it for years.

The important advantage of these wind generators is that they are issued on any power: from 500 W to 20 KW. Therefore such wind generator (the corresponding power) can be installed on a wall, near a window of your apartment in the multi-storey building, on a balcony, on a roof or on a mast near the house. As it low-reverse, does not constitute danger to bees and birds.

It would seem - here it is happiness! Take and use and the price bites. Not each Russian is able to afford it happiness for a half of one million, there is 5 KW a model so much, 10 KW pass for one million.

As an exit from this situation - the wind generator of sailing type ! It meets all Russian requirements: low-reverse, silent, gives rated power at wind 4 - 5 m/s. The model about the motor - a reducer on 4 KV was on sale in 2008 for 80 t. rub. In Russia nobody produces these wind generators in lots, but do under the order, on any power.

Structurally this wind generator is not really difficult: if to buy the motor - a reducer which is used as the generator then the rest it is possible to make or collect from ready details from other equipment, independently, considerably having reduced the price of these of a total cost.

Now there is even more best model of the wind generator of sailing type - bezreduktorny . It is simpler and cheaper, in it there is not only no reducer, but also the motor. Manufacturers claim that this model can be collected on a knee . The rotor coils located on a vetrokolesa are reeled up by a usual lighting, aluminum wire, in isolation. The Statorny coils located on the rotary device are reeled up by also lighting wire.

They sell ready wind generators of this kind on 10 and 30 KW or documentation for independent production. The trouble is that the Russian businessmen have a voracious appetite! To manufacture such wind generator independently, it is necessary to know the sizes of a vetrokoles and data of coils: diameter of a wire, number of rounds. All this can be placed on a half of the page, and businessmen demand for it 10 - 20 t. rub!