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How to combine work and private life? What

of interesting there was a work, you should not fill with it all your life. Besides work in life there is a lot more all interesting: friends, hobby, personal relations. And how often we sit up till late evening, we take work for the weekend, forgetting about ourselves? Our life turns into some routine, and ourselves are guilty of it.

It is very important to find balance between work and life outside office. Only on achievement of harmony in these two spheres we will be rather happy with ourselves, are happy, successful.

always leads the Imbalance in work and private life finally to a depression, nervous exhaustion, dissonance in private life.


you work late hours, sometimes even on the weekend, often take work on the house. Constantly you reschedule the personal records, appointments from - for works. You have a depression, you lack energy. You have sleeplessness. At you appetite periodically vanishes, you grow thin, grow fat. You observe differences of mood.


Learn to plan own time

Learn to organize correctly the working day. Remember that put everything at once not to decide therefore learn to place priorities. Evenly distribute current affairs less often to sit up at office, and take yourself for the rule to take work on the house (to come on days off to work) only in critical situations (when a work involving all hands at work when the project has to be executed to strictly certain date).

Just as you bring various working moments in a notebook, enter in your schedule and the personal moments (visit of friends, parties, cinema, theater, sport, a hobby).

Let know to the management that you besides work have still personal time for yourself and for yourself. Establish a certain framework

you Should not take part in all projects at once only because you clever and ambitious, and about it you are asked by the management. Remember that in life quality, but not quantity is always more important. You should learn to speak is not present new duties, new projects if you see that in working hours to you all not to be in time, and should work still actively and during the week-end. Answering is not present to the head, always you thank for the offer, but at the same time let know that you cannot accept it because of your present load. You say also that if your schedule becomes more free, you with pleasure take part in the new project etc.

You ask you Remember

the help, the request for the help is not manifestation of weakness, and, on the contrary, ability to distribute duties on the way to achievement of the purpose. All of us, anyway, need the help, so why to refuse it? You should not shoulder all and to feel at the same time like a dish-towel which does not need neither a hobby, nor private life any more (more precisely, for all this just there is not enough time and forces any more).

Always you remember the priorities and the purposes

Define that for you the most important in life what pleases you, makes happy. It for certain will be no money earned for overtime work. And if to reflect, then and it is worth beginning with this point...