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PLAN the PURPOSE! Stop to think of

I of average categories at the same time.

You think of categories of the best of the best. Leaders want bigger, and this condition of spirit leads to success.

Demand much and work with these installations, and you will surely achieve the.

You really want to achieve success?

Then be the expert!


It is possible either to be the master, or not to be!

It is impossible to try to become the master.

Just as it is impossible to try to come to training.

It is possible either to come, or not to come.

Who such master? It the expert, in some certain area. Work of the master, from outside, seems simple, easily reproducible, and brilliantly executed. In a word - aerobatics. And yes what work earned this skill and what way was required to be passed to the master comes to nobody to mind to become the master.

And it is the person who has a dream!

At everyone it the, but it surely great!


the Purpose begins with dream.

Such which pulls the person forward, without allowing to stop and indulge in despondency, it supports him on all way, specifying where to go further. Each of us has questions over time:

- And for what there lives a person? Everyone is born, studies, works, establishes a family, welfare, dies.

For what? Especially at round dates such questions arise. For what we live? What purpose of life?

At everyone it is the: family, money, hobby Each of us has moments of satisfaction and discontent, everyone has the place in life. All of us are very different.

U of all the zone of comfort is.
Look at

on the vital purpose and compare it with opportunities of network marketing. Whether they coincide?

Everything that you will read now, most likely, will not be coordinated with your life experience and habits. It cannot be as can never be. But think of such thing why all people who did not achieve the objectives in life so speak? Perhaps, your mental programs are wrong? Try to experience what I will speak now about.

As a rule, - iznenny of Op yt (ASSES) prompts Zh to us how to behave in this or that situation. Here it is no good absolutely as we were never taught prosperity in life, even if you have several higher educations. There are absolutely other principles. you Can present to


your life experience as a lamp which dangles on your fine bottom and lights the passable way.

Information can be obtained and apprehended, having only removed shor of life experience.

Each of us, passes a way of internal disagreement in Network marketing. Try to catch yourself on those moments where there is a wish to say no, here in you and there are mental problems. Manage to get of them the best.

The people who passed a way of self-improvement precisely know, that all desires on light are granted. This statement not just beautiful phrase, is the experience checked in practice.

What it is possible to ask from life? All. All most crazy desires as subconsciousness does not distinguish real from the imagination. It our subconsciousness is also unique. Law of realization of desires same.

Most often people spend the sea of efforts to abstract dream of good life, even without having found time to find out what is it. Of course, they have a certain idea of it, but to a reality obviously far. And rush about on life, being scattered to the right and on the left.

But, even receiving the desirable, they cannot think in any way, whether they received whether they deceived them in what, whether they miscalculated?

- Waiter! What did you sell to me? Coffee or slops?

- And you unless cannot distinguish?

- No.

- Then what to you difference?

And it is valid - what?
to begin

C of what? From dream. Remember yourself in the childhood. When you did not know a difference, between possible and impossible, you dreamed of everything. But later, life forced you to refuse to itself, one, in another and you forgot about dreams. Dreaming, it is not necessary to think about possible and impossible. Try to estimate nothing. Just answer yourself a question:


What you want from life why you live?

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