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What are mismatches attractive by? Physiological aspect of

the Lord awarded us with such feeling as sexual desire without which the human race would stop existence long ago. Intimacy methods identical at all people, but only in China created from this special philosophy where the important attention was paid both to the man, and the woman. European scientist R. of X. van Gulik wrote that in China since ancient times there was a special attitude towards love and sex life, considering sexual intercourse as part of an order in the nature

the Situation 1
the Chinese philosophy of love paid Much attention to the relations between the elderly man and the young woman and the majority of ancient texts on Dao of love especially recommend this type. The Chinese wise men spoke: If the person of old age communicates with the woman of the same age, and they can have the child, he (child), as a rule, does not live to a ripe old age. But if the eighty-year-old man communicates with the young girl and they can have the child, then the child, as a rule, will live long life.

The relation of the western society, unlike east countries, to mismatches was ambiguous. One condemned, others sneered, the third were indifferent and only the insignificant part treated with understanding. Charlie Chaplin and Sona O`Neil, having got married, caused condemnation and sneers. With it only seventeen, and to it fifty four it is also three times divorced.

And only from the middle of the 20th century the relation to such couples became more tolerant, but journalists do not miss also here an opportunity to rummage in their life.

Why age-mates often are not happy and their marriage quickly breaks up? Yes because the old man who is not making impressions knows how to satisfy the woman, and beautiful and young - no.

The first . The man aged reaches an erection during love game more slowly. And the young woman making enough moisture for it is gratitude. It can easily enter the jade core without full filling, and following Dao of love, it easily reaches a full erection. Such careful, slow procedure seems to it charming and more preferable in comparison with frighteningly sharp erection, sudden penetration and a fast ejaculation of the young guy.

The second . The young woman not only quickly and makes the corresponding moisture enough, but also supports her much longer. And it well for both of them. And also, if it reaches an erection more slowly, it finishes more slowly - and it is the important point bringing it into esthetic pleasure which inexperienced young men cannot achieve.

The third . The young woman has a natural smell of youth and freshness which excites the elderly man. He (man) creates the atmosphere of rest and trust that only the few young people can.

The fourth . The young woman has much more strait narrow jade gate which clamps and excite elderly and more skilled man.

The fifth . Elderly men usually control an ejaculation more easily, than young people. The main problem for them consists that he has to get off mind of need of an ejaculation every time when he makes love. It can demand some efforts. If he understands it and will achieve, then will find that in forces to reach a twenty-minute coition absolutely easily, with quite small practice. The most important the fact that he will be able to make love much more often and longer. He will understand that his partner will also take much more pleasure and he will receive freedom for disclosure of such pleasures as special attributes of women that is impossible in transient joys. It will be able to disclose its specific aroma, taste and, maybe, more important things - a smell and taste of its saliva, moisture on its jade gate.

It is necessary to understand that any philosophy including Dao of love, are not dogma. This doctrine helps us to reach the harmonious relations between the man and the woman, lets us know that the person is a part of space and is always connected with it hidden threads. Hundreds of thousands of age-mates live in happy marriage, but among them and very big percent of stains.

Good luck to you to find the half who it has no and who has, big pleasure.

the Situation 2

of the Relation between the young woman and the elderly man do not cause such gossip in society as the relations between the young man and the woman aged. The woman is accused at the same time of levity and even of a nymphomania, but the sexual relations between them play more significant role, than in the previous situation.

As a rule, such woman is lonely and is frequent without children (in principle, children can be, but they aside also are not a burden). And it realizes not only the blossomed sexuality, but also desire to ego-trip, in particular, to be a tutor - or mother. Besides at sufficient sexual experience she quite often is afraid to be rejected by mature men, being afraid that they will not understand her imaginations or will consider them as perversions, in particular oral sex: many men refuse to be engaged in it, considering that they are humiliated . Well, it is possible to leave it on the account of their insufficient intelligence or complexes. Though they deprive also of themselves, and the partner of the huge pleasure... And the " complexes do not prevail over the young partner yet; humiliations and to it, besides not really skilled, all also in an okhotka that is called is a new experience

the Mature woman can be fuller of sympathy and understanding of sexual

difficulties of the young man, than the girlfriend of his years. If the young man is timid or indecisive, it can play an important role for his sexual wellbeing. Other moment is that the woman aged, especially if she had children, often has less strait narrow jade gate that is especially good for it which did not develop complete control of an ejaculation. Less strait narrow jade gate not so suits the elderly man as it does not provide to him sufficient stimulation.

There is a certain frequency of sexual activity. The young man in 17 - 20 years most often giperseksualen and as speak, rushes on everything that in a " skirt;. And coevals demand long courtings, and have not enough experience in the sexual relations and except additional problems give nothing to the young man. And he pays attention to the woman is more senior than himself which already entered the period of sexual blossoming (28 - 45 years) which is eager for active sex (what the men tortured by production of money - age-mates do not give her). And such relations are so harmonious from the intimate point of view that they not so seldom develop into marriage.

It is the main regulations and on them everyone who read literature on relationship of the man and the woman knows. But it is impossible to forget that with age sexuality of the man and woman changes. The fifty-year-old partner can seize the woman quickly as the young man and can be not necessary to the girl long preparation... Sexual experience is not connected with vital. Rather elderly man, will provide all intimate initiative to the young woman, and after will be dissatisfied that she made something not as he wanted And still the main plus of the uneven-age union in what partners suit one another not only sexually, but also psychologically.

Awfully the fact that, from - for fear of a gossip of people around, such relations are forced to be maintained secretly or furtively. And if we were more understanding and tactful, we would see that such couples should be supported, but not to condemn. And we would approach a solution of the problem of many men and women aged.

Love to you, long and happy marriage.