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Success for everyone the or that such consciousness.

What is success? For quite some time now the concept success became stereotypic. It is often defined as professional achievements, recognition. The word Success determine by a word synonym wealth, abundance. But whether so it actually?

I remember an old proverb, That to Russian it is good - to the German death . Do not think that I wanted to emphasize some national peculiarities or preferences. It is just a proverb, and here its sense, I consider, that for each person there is the well so success, also for everyone the.

Who decides what is success for you, society, the press, a family, friends? Of course, all of them influence our image of success, however sooner or later, you should formulate the concept of success. The success is individual, and depends on what is valuable to us. You cannot be successful, living dreams and plans of other people

If you have no purposes as you can derive pleasure from realization of others purposes.

The most important step on the ways to success, studying of what many do not do from - for feelings of discomfort. But without understanding itself, you will not be able to orient. Your affairs, thoughts, feelings will always be about a miscellaneous.

The consciousness is a key to management of life and career, and as a result to finding of personal success. Consciousness, very interesting word. Everyone thinks that he knows himself completely, and whether so it actually?

There are factors which influence our way to success, understanding of our consciousness. These factors allow to understand what we really want from life, namely it forms our personal definition about success.

During consciousness, try to define the following factors honestly:

Values, they are divided into six categories:






Estimate Religious

that for you is important in each category as it influences your life and decision-making in career.

Interests is what is pleasant to us and it is not pleasant, hobbies with the different level of your interest. Your way to success has to become reflection of your interests. Without passion and enthusiasm feeding yours aspirations you never awake are happy with life and achievements.

Personality. Define what you the personality, for this purpose are a set of the tests allowing to learn it. Such characteristics as the extrovert or the introvert, honesty, emotionality, flexibility, all of them influence your image of success.

Talent, it is possible to refer all those abilities, experience and tendencies which you possess to it. It is important to estimate constantly himself to see the directions of development correctness of the taken steps. It gives clearness in understanding of criteria of success for itself.

Many of us spend a lot of time for self-affirmation that to be engaged in self-knowledge just is once. And when we allow external factors to influence our idea of success, we are given on will to destiny.

Never try on on yourself foreign criteria of success! If you get up on the road of self-affirmation, you try to prove to someone that you can do it, you have it. You become conducted, you depend on foreign opinion more, will be able to manipulate you. And the most important, having received result, the feeling of happiness will not be as it not yours.

Be independent, aim, listen to yourself and the subconsciousness. Be engaged in consciousness, choose the success, and move to it. Other people have the right to have the opinion on your success, but it not as should not influence your actions. Act according to the plan and when you receive result, you will be really happy.

And let others envy your progress, it their right too.